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Wild Whitewater Rafting Weekend in West Virginia

Hello Hello! Just a little recap of our wild whitewater rafting weekend in West Virginia. As you may have noticed, we tend to travel a lot this year. I can’t complain at all – most of it has been either for adventures with Bryan, shooting weddings, or visiting family – three things I adore! But with the crazy year we’ve had, camping in West Virginia made our 19th state visited in these past 4 months. Whoa!! Lucky for us, West Virginia just finishing up its peak Fall season – full of my favorite colors. Unlucky for us, the weather stayed around 48-51 degrees with rain and wind.  And the water was about the same temperature. Ew. But you gotta do what you gotta do! 😉

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_GEORGIA_WEDDING_AT_ROSWELL_MILL_LEAH_AND_ZACH_PHOTO_0240 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_GEORGIA_WEDDING_AT_ROSWELL_MILL_LEAH_AND_ZACH_PHOTO_0238It happened to be Bridge Day the day we rafted, and we passed thousands of spectators cheering on the 450+ jumpers leap from the 876′ tall New River Gorge bridge. This is like the largest base jump gathering in the world, so – if you’re into extreme and terrifying – show up on the third weekend of October 2015. 🙂 Sorry no photos…we were a little stuck in a bus full of wet-suited people. Google it though – you will love it.

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_GEORGIA_WEDDING_AT_ROSWELL_MILL_LEAH_AND_ZACH_PHOTO_0239As you know I have a kind of extreme husband…we can’t do normal things, they are always extreme or super “unique” in one way or another 😉 . So…we chose to raft the Upper Gauley river – which is the 2nd ranked whitewater experience in North America, 5th in the world. This river is outranked in North America by the Colorado River whitewater rafting; however, we would be rafting more rapids on the Upper Gauley in a half day than the entire 21 day trip it takes to raft the Colorado River. And, as I mentioned in a social media post, #1 in the world is the Zambeezi in Zambia, complete with extra life threats including Hippos and Crocodiles -not in my life will you see me sign that waiver! The guide had me terrified by the time we arrived at the Upper Gauley River with his “safety” talk, but as soon as we splashed our way through the first Class V rapid I was excited and ready to go! Now we rafted some crazy class V’s in Alaska in the summer of 2013, but these were definitely more intense…but really fun! As Bryan would tell you though, I did NOT want to fall out (especially because hey it was freezing!) so I took my guide’s paddling orders very seriously (it was almost embarrassing watching the video haha). 😉

Ace West Virginia Whitewater Rafting

All in all, I was really glad we had the experience, and happy to see the beautiful Fall colors on the WV hills.


This weekend reminded me of a couple things – I am a worrier by nature, and I need to take risks to keep my tendency to be too careful in check!  It also reminded me that I am thankful for Bryan’s fearless ways of always getting us into something crazy. Except….now he’s mentioned Black water Rafting…not sure about that! 😐


I hope your weekend was a lot of fun (and much warmer than ours) and that you are enjoying each day as the Holiday season draws near. Being military, we are always somewhere new or things are always changing, so we are a little behind on any Fall traditions…any ideas for a mobile, fun and reasonable Autumn tradition? I’d love to hear your favorite things to do!