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Our All-Inclusive Wedding Collections each includeHours of Coverage

Full Coverage (up to 8 hours – more upon request)

2 photographers2 Photographers


High res imagesFull High Resolution Digital Gallery of your Photos (for Printing).

social media gallery

Low Resolution Digital Gallery of your Photos (for Social Media).

SessionsVarying Options of Lifestyle Sessions (More Details Below).

AlbumsVarying options between our Coffee Book and Fine Art Albums.

About Services and Pricing

EngagementE N G A G E M E N T 

It’s where your wedding story really begins. These portraits are an ideal way to become more comfortable in front of my lens while creating sweet memories of the exciting countdown to your wedding. Your session can be as simple as a stroll through your favorite park, an intimate meal at your favorite café, or even a romantic return to where he proposed — anything you can imagine to share the imagery of your personal love story. Formal or informal, images from your engagement session are beautiful additions to your wedding album, and also make a wonderful signing book. They help to craft the whole story, and can even be used for Save-the-Date cards, Invitations or Thank You cards. Sessions range from 1-2 hours at our Germany Special price of $250.



B R A V E + B E A U T I F U L

Brave + Beautiful Sessions strive to help every woman see the sexy and confident wife she was created to be. We see bad photos of ourselves every day. It’s a healthy dose of reality that keeps us humble. But if bad lighting and angles are all we see, we’ll never know, recognize, and be confident in the natural beauty we do have. I want every woman to see that she can look and feel beautiful if she allows herself to. Making the time to be pampered with beautiful hair and makeup and have a portrait taken of yourself can help bring into proper proportion the often warped evaluation that you may have when comparing yourself to the Covergirl and help you be confident as a wife and woman in this world. The experience is from 2-4 hours at our Germany Special starting price of $250 




Get dolled up and pick a beautiful garden, scenic view, stunning home or special location to have your portraits taken as the bride-to-be! Sometimes the wedding day is so full it can seem to happen so quickly that it seems like a blur. Enjoy this time just to yourself to take time to let the “I am a Bride” part really begin to sink in. If you really want to enjoy this special time with your parents who are most excited and emotional about seing their daughter as a bride, invite them along – it will be a treasured quite and private memory.  Gift your parents and your groom with a beautiful bridal portrait as a cherished keepsake and showcase your portrait in a special place at the Wedding for guests to enjoy.  This session ranges from 1-2 hours at our Germany Special price of $250.


WeddingW E D D I N G S

Our All-Inclusive Wedding Collections feature full coverage by 2 photographers, digital images, a selection of a portrait sessions and Artisan Albums. You want to have the time of your life, beautiful images, and time to enjoy your guests and celebrate! We want you to love your photos, be confident and comfortable in front of our cameras, and walk away with a top-notch experience with us. We ensure we are a good fit for each couple, and work together to capture each moment and special detail of your day. All-Inclusive Collections begin at the Germany special price of $1999, & Special Pricing for Intimate Gatherings and Short-and-Sweet Affairs is also available.



HoneymoonH O N E Y M O O N

Planning your Destination Wedding in an amazing place? Have your photographers spend 1-2 hours with you to get some unforgettable moments of the best vacation of your life and first extraordinary trip as husband and wife. These sessions are unique and Destination Weddings and Honeymoons are unlike any other celebration in your life. Capture the full Destination story by scheduling a session while shopping in the local part of town, playing near the ocean, hiking through the mountains, or exploring the gorgeous place you and your love chose to make your first married memories together! These moments will truly be a treasure to look back on for years to come. These sessions are about 1-2 hours at the Germany special price of $250.



Trash the dressT R A S H     T H E    D R E S S

Would you like to get a chance to really showcase your free spirit in your gorgeous wedding gown without worrying about keeping it squeaky clean? Trash the Dress Sessions are a fun time where you can relax and reflect on your wedding day while having some fun where you can “get a little dirty”. These sessions range from going to unique outdoor locations, horseback riding, jumping into the waves or whatever else your adventurous spirit could imagine. If you love the idea of doing something fun, crazy or unique in your wedding gown, this session is for you! They can be with your groom or just you – the sky is the limit! These sessions are usually scheduled within 1-2 months following your wedding and last about 1-2 hours at the Germany special price of $250.




Would you like to get some additional pictures of you and your new spouse without “trashing” the dress? The Newlyweds Session can range from very casual to the full out gown-and-tux Portraits where you can relax and reflect on your wedding…perhaps going back to your wedding location at the perfect time of day for that perfect wall portrait or at any beautiful location of your choice that was not arrangeable for the Wedding Day. It is often the best of both worlds since there is time to change attire and have more casual photos taken. These sessions are usually scheduled 2 weeks to 3 months following your wedding. These often make for wonderful Thank you or Christmas cards. last about 1-2 hours at the Germany special price of $250.





They grow up right before your eyes, over years and years…still it seems like time has flown by. This is the time to celebrate the person they have become. Instead of toting them around to ballet or football you are waiting for their text to let you know they arrived to their destination safely. Instead of expecting you to fix their problems they are begging for freedom to handle things on their own. They have plans and dreams and they’re ready to take on the world. They want you to see them as the adult they are becoming, celebrate their accomplishments, and encourage their potential. Celebrate this right of passage with a portrait session featuring their favorite activities so they will always remember. Sessions are 1-2 hours at the Germany special starting price of $250.



First Impressions today happen on the Internet. Like a strong handshake, a smile, & eye contact, your head shot for your business says a lot about you.  Are you approachable? Friendly? Professional? Do you look trustworthy & confident in the service or products you offer? You want the answer to be a resounding yes. If you would like to step it up a notch and invest in presenting your business in a stronger way, a great portrait of yourself will be invaluable in providing one more important aspect of earning a potential customer’s trust letting them know you are running a thriving, active, and growing company. Sessions are based in Amberg unless otherwise arranged and last about 45 minutes at the Germany special starting price of only $49.



FamiliesF A M I L I E S

There is nothing like living with your family in the beautiful, diverse, and culturally rich backdrop of Europe! Your family will undoubtedly grow and make once in a lifetime memories throughout your time here. When you find a spot that takes your beath away – whether it be a local market, your backyard or an absolutely gorgeous weekend spot – don’t miss the opportunity to have a portrait taken of the ones you love most in a place that also stole your heart. These make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, yearly portraits  or greeting and Christmas cards.  They will forever bring a smile to your face when you hang it on the wall wherever your life takes you to call home in the future. These sessions last about 1-2 hours at the Germany special starting price of $350.


newbornsN E W B O R N S

Your sweet little one has arrived and changed your world. As exhausting as this time in your life can be, photos of your baby’s sweet little face and all their new tiny features will always tug at your heartstrings.  Down the road you’ll want to remember how he or she once fit ever so small into your arms. You’ll never want to forget the calm amidst the chaos and the cherished moments amidst the challenges of being a new little someone’s “Momma”. Due to the newborn sleep/feeding/changing schedule these sessions take time and range from 2-4 hours at our Germany Special price of $350.

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