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Visiting Verona: The City of Love With The Ones I Love

This move has been an interesting one!  But more on that later…because Bryan and I were able to visit Europe’s top attraction (in our book) within the first few weeks of being in Germany – our nephew! We couldn’t wait. We momentarily reached a stand still with our housing process and were blessed to have a long weekend so – sure enough – we loaded up and followed our TomTom GPS straight to Italy. This was my first time driving in Europe, and Bryan thought “Why not start her on the Autobahn?” Stressful!  But the Autobahn is actually so so nice. Sorry these photos are crazy odd sizes – I’ll fix the format when our personal internet is up and running and there is time! But I have to share this special adventure with you all! 🙂

This was also our first time seeing Austria as we drove through. We loved it even in the mid-changing of seasons. It is a lot like Alaska…but with castles. 😉


While in Italy, Tommy, Kathy and Max took us to see Verona and some other areas in that region. Verona was beautiful and bustling downtown as their Saturday market opened and the shoppers made their way to all the fancy shops.

  B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0061 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0003 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0004 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0008 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0012 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0045 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0052 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0062 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0056 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0032 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0013 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0006 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0001 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0020

Kathy has meticulously taken notes every time she and Tommy travel throughout Europe, so Bryan and I took her recommendation and bought the Verona pass – which was a great deal to be able to see all of the cool sights Verona offers with one easy and affordable pass. Bryan and I climbed the Lamberti Tower, which was more stairs than we thought, but a great way to exercise and the views were magnificent!

B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0005 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0015 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0007 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0011

We went to the courtyard dedicated to Romeo and Juliet. If you have seen the movie Letters to Juliet, it’s that spot exactly. How crazy is it that a story about star-crossed lovers and its fictional characters would create such impact that it would become a tourist attraction among all the factual history.

  B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0018 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0019 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0078

My nephew Max has started a new thing that continues to steal my heart. Besides our newfound love for our game where I hid and called for him to come find me…I love that he crinkles his nose when he laughs! I know this is a completely normal facial expression I guess, but I just loved to see this little guy crinkle his nose and laugh! This was Bryan’s first chance to meet Max, so it was adorable that Zio Bryan could get Max to laugh the way he did.


And boy this baby goes on some walks with killer views!  At one point I just chuckled as he scooted around in this gorgeous church. The details in these beautiful churches were intricate, ornate and just so incredible to view.

B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0022 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0025 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0028 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0026 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0029 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0027 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0040 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0049 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0047 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0048

The Museums and preserved history was completely remarkable.

B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0041 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0036 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0035 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0038 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0039 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0034 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0037

My brother y’all! 🙂


Even just the gold frames on numerous marvelous paintings were simply stunning.

B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0044 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0043

Of course there are some things I find a tad creepy in humorous way. But the history, the artwork, and fact behind what we were seeing made them definitely something to respect. Below – photo of a crypt and a little creepy man carved into a church column. 😉


Dining in another country and culture is still very new to me. Let’s just say, I tried very hard to fit in and act sophisticated, but after having a breadstick break at the wrong end leaving a cigar like piece of bread hang out of my mouth, trying to use my manners and cut my tomato only to have it explode onto myself, and then realizing I had accidentally eaten the hard green top of it in an effort to just eat it  before making a bigger mess left me realizing that some things you just can’t plan for. At least my lunch was off the chain! Unfortunately, it arrived as if the hallelujah chorus and a gold spotlight accompanied its delivery, leaving me with 3 very hungry looking family members. I was happy to share, especially with my sister-in-law Kathy who unknowingly ordered a dish made primarily of buffalo cheese with toppings. 😉

After lunch we headed towards the river and to the old remains of the 1st Century Roman Theatre and finally, the Verona Arena.

  B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0051 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0060 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0063 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0064 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0065 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0054 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0055 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0033 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0053 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0058 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0059 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0050

Also this weekend it was really fun to see small, beautiful towns, their natural beauty, and the history around every corner. And something else that was around the corner happened to be a shop full of Italian Breakfast goodies! Man it would have been fun to try them all, but everything we tried was to die for!

  B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0068 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0069 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0070 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0073 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0075 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0076 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0079 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0080 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0081 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0082 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0083 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0085 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0087

It has been a long time coming, but my heart was full after this first chance to visit my brother’s family WITH Bryan IN Italy!! It was a simply superb way to begin our time here in Europe,  and I can’t wait to see them more this summer!

B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0072 B-Weiss_Photography_Trip_to_Verona_Italy_Photo_0071

Bonnie Jo Massey Weiss - April 3, 2015 - 4:05 pm

Just absolutely breathtaking! Your photographs made me feel like I was experiencing what you all were. Wow! Glad you all were able to get together and be together this summer! P.S. Max is just adorable!

Chelsea Hughes - April 4, 2015 - 11:04 am

LOVE these photos and I’m so glad you’re having fun. Miss you guys!

Mary Daniels - April 4, 2015 - 3:34 pm

We loved this Britt! Can we get copies of the photos which have you all in it? Mama & Daddy

Beverly Keeling Edwards - April 5, 2015 - 4:12 pm

Wow, such beautiful photography not to mention I love your descriptions. It is wonderful to see and read about your travels. Your nephew is adorable, I am so happy for you and Bryan.

Bonnie Jo Massey Weiss - April 5, 2015 - 6:13 pm

I wish you could put together your thoughts and photos in a book. It’s just beautiful.