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Veteran’s Day: Thoughts and Photos

Veteran’s Day: Thoughts and Photos

Our nation has such a rich military history. Since our determination to become independent, Americans have proven to be brave and courageous in standing up for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” of our people. This year I have so much that personally comes to mind when reflecting on the service and sacrifice of American service men and women. Not everyone has necessarily experienced the sacrifice and lifestyle of service  that our military live day in and day out, but each of us can call to mind the name of a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend or child who has followed the call to serve our country. Recently, Bryan’s family and I had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor. The very experience of being there brought to mind to how life must have been impacted on that day.

Hawaiian Vacation Canon Pic Faves-045 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Vacation_Photo-110 Hawaiian Vacation Canon Pic Faves-046 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Vacation_Photo-108 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Vacation_Photo-107 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Vacation_Photo-158

Hawaiian Vacation Canon Pic Faves-040 Hawaiian Vacation Canon Pic Faves-042 Hawaiian Vacation Canon Pic Faves-039

Hawaiian Vacation Canon Pic Faves-038Also on my mind is the inspiration my Grandfather and Grandmother have been with his Military background and the way life has changed for us forever since Bryan, my brother, my cousins and my friends have chosen to serve our country.

Our first deployment, assignments overseas, and daily lifestyle  have been interesting, challenging and life-changing. Bryan deployment photo - 5 Bryan deployment photo - 3

Thinking back on Pearl Harbor, our country’s past and our present, I am filled with gratitude to the men and women who, without knowing what tomorrow may bring, selflessly put on a uniform and line up to serve our people day in and day out.  Bryan deployment photo - 2

To all of you who serve and all of you who love and support those who do – My deepest Thank You.

Bryan deployment photo - 4

I hope this Veteran’s Day brings to mind your fond memories and appreciation for our serving men and women! on this Veteran’s Day 2013. B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Vacation_Photo-101.1