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Sweetheart Senior Session at Hatcher’s Pass: Macee and Oleg

B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_Landscape_photo006Yesterday we photographed a super fun Sweetheart Senior Session at Hatcher’s Pass with Macee and Oleg – who are looking forward to great things to come after finishing their last year of high school! The weather was amazing, so we decided to hike the mountain to get to the location we had in mind…so first things first we chose a mountain…
B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_Preview_photo001.1Next we studied the hikers to see which ways were looking like a quick trek…

Then we headed up ourselves… B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_Preview_photo004.1

B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_Preview_photo003.1Okay okay…I am totally kidding! Macee was not about to head uphill in those cute boots! So we chose an equally awesome spot – in the parking lot. 😉 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo001

Seriously though – if I were a parking lot I would love to be one with this view!
I know you may be thinking this is not an Engagement Session…(hehehe) but I could not be more thrilled when Macee and Oleg scheduled sweetheart photos together!


Oleg is originally from the Ukraine and loves soccer. Being in a family full of brothers, he has fun in Alaska and enjoys finding the reward in working on cars. B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo034Macee is funny and outgoing likes bodybuilding and warm weather…and also jewelry, purses, and shoes if you ask Oleg! 😉 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo026

They have been dating about a year and a half after meeting in class. B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo049.1




After a bit of fun in the snow we headed to an old building for a break from the wind and some fun looks for photos!  B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo095 copy B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo098 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo129 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo136 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo153 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo097 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo175These two were too cute together and not shy at all. Bryan and  I felt like it was just yesterday we were in their shoes, and it was fun to hear about their experiences and plans for the future. Macee and Oleg – we are so happy to have met you both and could not be more thrilled to share in the excitement of your senior year. We wish you both the best as you finish your last year and start a new chapter in your lives! B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_Hatchers_Pass_Senior_Session_Macee_and_Oleg_photo179