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AK2VA Summer Road Trip Update: Summertime Fun in New Mexico and San Antonio, Texas

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We drove from the Grand Canyon all the way to Carlsbad New Mexico in one whopper of a day. A highlight of our drive was going through Roswell, NM – where every store is decked out with Aliens and Outer Space fun! Our next morning was spent at the Carlsbad Caverns – which were huge! We walked the natural entrance – which is about 20 minutes of a 20% grade decline into the damp, dark and cool. We cracked up because, due to fellow campers’ advice we brought jackets…but to our Alaskan-adapted selves it was wonderfully refreshing in a tank top! πŸ˜‰

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-004 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-013 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-012 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-014 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-016

I really like the one below. They call him “the caveman”, but before seeing the sign I had already named him Chewbacca. πŸ˜‰

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-018 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day21_Carlsbad_Caverns_photo-020

After about an hour and a half exploring, we headed back to pack up and head onward to San Antonio.

San Antonio was just lovely! You get this homey warm feeling when driving through the green hills and looking over the fields.

We finally made it to a state where I was free to say “y’all” without sticking out like a sore thumb. πŸ˜‰

Each day on the road brings something new – en route, our Dog Maya managed to randomly (for the first time in years) eat our cat Maxx’s leash right off of him. To the metal nub. Relieved the cat wasn’t too traumatized (lol), we decided he should join us up front and wondered if Maya was going to be OK. That night was a late one, and we settled in to try and rest up with our camper lined with plastic garbage bags – just in case the leash didn’t settle with Maya one way or the other. Thankfully no dramatic occurrences happened…and she is looking to be on the mend.

Our day in San Antonio was fun! After a great Texas lunch we visited the Downtown area, the Alamo and Riverwalk.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-005The Alamo was moving to visit, and it was a powerful moment to reflect on the sacrifice of the men who fought.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-007 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-008 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-018 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-015 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-023

I liked all the cacti in their beautiful garden areas!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-010 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-006 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-020 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-012The Riverwalk was a few minutes of walking away, so we checked it out! They have a huge variety of shops and places to eat, but I love all the Texas decor at many of the restaurants there.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-030 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-034 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-035 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_photo-033

It was a hot day for sure, so we went back to our RV park for a rest and to freshen up to meet some wonderful people for dinner!

Last year we photographed Jamie and Scott’s Windy-is-an-Understatement Engagement Shoot. They were living in Alaska at the time and we had a blast! However, work called the two of them to replant in San Antonio last Christmas. Needless to say, we have been planning a Texas meetup ever since we heard they moved. We could not believe we had a chance to reconnect in a unique place and in a unique way! Jamie was on top of everything and suggested a restaurant she and Scott were wanting to try, so we met at this awesome Tex-Mex restaurant Mi Tierra.


Let’s take a minute to admire the “Handmade Tamales” (sign below). Are you kidding me?! I should have gotten one.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_Jamie_and_Scott_and_Erica_and_Angel_photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_Jamie_and_Scott_and_Erica_and_Angel_photo-004

This place is decorated to the max…and it was love at first sight for me!


On top of that, we were also able to meet Jamie’s great friend and Bridesmaid Erica and Erica’s sister Angel, who were also passing through during a road trip move. Bryan and I had such a wonderful evening getting to hear childhood stories and future plans of everyone.

was way too cool that we were all able to meet, so of course I had to take visual souvenirs! πŸ˜‰ Scott and Jamie are simply adorable… and how special it is to have their love story take them to so many cool places.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_Jamie_and_Scott_and_Erica_and_Angel_photo-007 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_Jamie_and_Scott_and_Erica_and_Angel_photo-015

We are also looking forward to photographing their Colorado Wedding this Fall, and I cannot wait to document more fun between Jamie and her bridesmaids!!

I especially love the way Erica and Jamie could laugh for hours together! Seriously no posing or ideas necessary on my part – they pack their own fun!! πŸ˜€


And if you see these two girls (below) on the road…get out their way!

They have some amazing exciting plans in their future as roommate sisters living it up on the California Coast!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_Jamie_and_Scott_and_Erica_and_Angel_photo-029 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Day22_San_Antonio_Texas_Jamie_and_Scott_and_Erica_and_Angel_photo-006

I can’t believe what a small world it is, and am so thankful we all had a moment to visit with each other! I can’t wait to visit Texas again one day…

Although it has been a special, fun and wild journey so far – I cannot wait to drive on home to see my Pensacola family! I am hoping to help my parents out as they are recovering from loosing so much in a flood and enjoying some downtime with the people I love, so blogs may slow a bit down…but I should be sending tiny tidbit updates on Instagram and/or Facebook. Thank you for keeping up with us and keeping us in your prayers! The journey continues until next time!

If you missed our prior updates – feel free to check out our AK2VA page for all of our road tripping posts!

Bonnie Jo Massey Weiss - June 24, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Enjoyed your update, Brittany! Just love the pictures you took!

Beverly Keeling Edwards - June 24, 2014 - 10:37 pm

Loved reading about the Alamo, brought back memories of my Father who passed away in April. He used to tell of a trip he took to the Alamo. The pictures are beyond beautiful. I hope you and Bryan continue to have a safe and fun trip. Thank you for sharing your travels with us.