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Snowy Anchorage Engagement Session: Ashley and Tyler

Snowy Anchorage Engagement Session: Ashley and Tyler:

I am so thankful Ashley and Tyler joined us in welcoming some of Anchorage’s first winter fun flurries for their Engagement Session! With the mountains hidden behind the clouds, we brought Ashley and Tyler on JBER to the Eagle Glenn Golf Course for a walk in the wintery wonderland. πŸ™‚ Our ride onto base gave us time to chat and learn about Ashley and Tyler’s story. Ashley is busy in hair school and loving it despite the long hours and heavy work load. Tyler stays busy as a security guard and began dating Ashley after high school. Before long, they were hearing wedding bells. Β They are more than excited to become husband and wife, and they didn’t need the cold as an excuse to cuddle up! We had a great time throwing challenges their way and having them walk around in the snow. Ashley and Tyler will be celebrating their wedding soon and looking forward to starting the new year together! Ashley and Tyler – We are so happy to have met you and loved photographing your snowy anchorage engagement session! Congratulations and we wish you guys all the best! B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo066 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo022 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo037 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo043 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo056 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo108 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo057 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo063 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo073 B-Weiss_Photography_Anchorage_Wedding_Photographer_JBER_Anchorage Winter_Engagement_Session_Ashley_and_Tyler_photo071