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Kenzie’s Senior Session

I met Kenzie at our church (ACF Eagle River) one Wednesday night as we both were helping out with the Jr. High youth group. We have become great friends, and I was more than excited that she wanted some (early) senior photos before we move out of Alaska. We met Kenzie and her Mom and sister at Potter’s Marsh and planned to spend the evening enjoying the summer beauty down the Seward Highway. I am not sure if it is the fact that I got to shoot such a sweet friend of mine, or the fact that God has used her in so many ways to work on my heart that made this my favorite Alaska Session. EVER. B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-007 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-002 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-003 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-006What I expected was to relate to, pray for, and encourage a young girl going through life as a high school student. What I did not expect was the way she would grow my faith, teach me more about family as I reflected on my own experiences with parents and siblings, and bless my heart tremendously with her friendship. B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-004We have been silly and laughed til I teared up,ย  we’ve been excited to share and learn about God together, we’ve frustrated one another, built one another up and learned how to be a better…true friend through our friendship. I have learned so much.

B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-008 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-081 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-023 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-028 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-057 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-063 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-061 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-097 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-066 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-067 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-015 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-069 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-087 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-085 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-013 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-093This photo ( below) is my absolute favorite. This is Kenzie to me. Vibrant, fun-loving and full of sass (I mean that in the best way too!). Her laugh can brighten anyone’s day. I think this one is my very favorite because it reminds me of so many fun times we have been able to have in Alaska! I also love that her Mom and sister had Kenzie laughing so much during our session! They know her so well! B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-095 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-100 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-105 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-108 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-112 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-117Oh – and you know Bryan couldn’t help but suggest a Kenzie venture out onto a fallen tree suspended above Alaska’s frigid waters. B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-124 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-128 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-130 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-135 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-144 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-148 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-155 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-158 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-157 B-Weiss_Photography_2014_Alaska_Senior_Session_Kenzie_Photo-137Kenzie – You are so so beautiful inside and out. You are real and genuine – that is my favorite thing about you! You have a beautiful heart and I hope you continue to let the love you have shine brightest of anything you have to offer this world. As you look forward to your senior year – enjoy every moment! I love you and thank you so much for your friendship!

Barbara Thrasher - May 20, 2014 - 1:02 pm