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My Parents’ Wedding – My Inspiration – A Personal Post

I cannot believe 2014 has hit the ground running! I feel so blessed looking back at 2013, and excited about what 2014 lies in store. With another year gone, I realize how fast time truly does fly. It is never a good thing when I think too much, but sometimes I do anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As a military wife, I love the adventures the military takes us on…and so many other things about it. But the thing I find the hardest is being away from my family. My parents and brother are especially the hardest to be away from for long periods of time, and it is not surprising that I find myself choked up each time I have to hug them goodbye without knowing when to expect our next visit. I often find myself hoping that when I look back I won’t regret not being together with them more. I just adore them as people with wisdom, humor, and love…and I never want to miss out on an opportunity to be with them as much as possible while we have each other.

So looking through my hard drive I ran across some rough scans of my parents’ wedding pictures…and I cried. I am so thankful for these two people. I am thankful for every perfectionist, meticulous, compassionate, giving and integrity-filled quality I learned from my Daddy and I am so thankful for every warm, thoughtful, bubbly, optimistic and sincere quality I learned from my Momma. I am so thankful for how they love each other and for how they have loved and taught me and my brother. My parents aren’t perfect people – but they are kind and authentic and they want the best for others. They gave me so many wonderful memories….and it all started here. And for my love of who they are and their story – I cried. And it sank in deeper than ever before – this is why I love photographing relationships – especially weddings. Not for their Wedding Day, not for the day after, the year after, or the year after that. But for when you are reaching 30+ years of marriage and can’t believe the life you have lived and the love you have grown from the two crazy kids you were…for your children, who will hopefully look at your Wedding Album one day and, out of gratitude for the love you gave to each other and the love you shared with them, cry with joy. This is why what I do matters so much to me. Because, as time goes by, you realize how precious it is, and how thankful you are for the time you have. I can’t wait to get better scans or prints of my parents’ wedding when I visit home next. I hope to thank their photographer for the beautiful images I now so appreciate. I want to display one of these prints in my office to remind me day in and day out why I do what I do and why I love the opportunity to do this for our brides and grooms…because – when nurtured and tended to – the power of your love story grows even sweeter with time.

B-Weiss_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Momma and Daddy Wedding 3

And in case I got you all sentimental and sappy, I am just trying to emphasize how special time together is! And time with the ones we love….but to make you laugh – here is a throw back circa 1989 – look at my little orangutang self! ๐Ÿ˜‰

B-Weiss_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Momma and Daddy Family 1989 photo

Bonnie Jo Massey Weiss - January 23, 2014 - 7:21 pm

I am so thankful you have such smart and encouraging parents who love each other and their family. They did a fabulous job, I hate to say job because it’s not, raising you and allowing you to become the unique lady you are. You are a true blessing to Bryan and us. I love the reason why you enjoy photographing weddings now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Melinda Edwards - January 23, 2014 - 8:01 pm

Lovely and emotional. I have one picture of my parents after their wedding. My mother had been widowed when my sister was 3 years old, met my daddy in the pharmacy where he worked, and later married. It was 1951, he was fresh out of college after serving in the Navy during WWII, and neither of them had any money. They were married in the minister’s office and spent a weekend in Dallas ( they lived in OK City, 4 hour drive). There is one picture of them at dinner somewhere that weekend. I had never seen it until after their deaths. It is certainly something we cherish. They were so young (27 and 28) and my mother’s face glowed when she looked at him.