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Our Life via iPhone : More Virginia Weekend Road Trip Shenanigans

This past weekend was a great way to enjoy Autumn in Virginia! After one visit earlier in the year to Bryan’s Granny’s town of Abingdon, VA, we had to go back! So we took another Virginia weekend road trip.  🙂


We had such a wonderful time visiting with her and Bryan’s Aunt Dinah. Though I did bring a camera, I found myself in the mood to stick with iPhone pictures as we ran all over town…so this is a fun post mostly documented by iPhone. 🙂 Saturday we had the opportunity to peruse the Farmer’s market full of seasonal produce and homemade goodies, admiring the locally made art at the Art depot, and watching “My Fair Lady” at the town’s famous Barter Theatre. The most impressive and unique art we saw was made by Nancy Garretson. She weaves three dimensional scenes that were simply outstanding! We got to chat with her about the creative process behind each one. (Feel free to click a pic to enlarge it. The Weavings are so cool!)

Here is a little about the Theatre’s interesting history according to The Barter Theatre’s website, “During the Depression, Robert Porterfield, an enterprising young actor, returned to his native Southwest Virginia with an extraordinary proposition: Bartering produce from the farms and gardens of the region to gain admission to see a play. So on June 10, 1933, Barter Theatre opened its doors, proclaiming “With vegetables you cannot sell, you can buy a good laugh.” The price of admission was 40 cents or equivalent amount of produce. Four out of five Depression-era theatregoers paid their way with vegetables, dairy products and livestock….To the surprise of many, all the seats for the first show were filled. The concept of trading “ham for Hamlet” caught on quickly…Today, at least one performance a year celebrates the Barter heritage by accepting donations for an area food bank as the price of admission.” ( http://www.bartertheatre.com )


The weekend’s weather was tremendous, and all I could think about was how many spots were perfectly picturesque for portraits! 🙂 It was wonderful to relax and enjoy the company of sweet family, and a perfect reason to drive the countryside rolling with my favorite fall colors!