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Our Favorite Road Trip Planning App: Why We Love Road Trippers

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When beginning to plan this mega road trip, I fondly remembered the 2o-something AAA maps, dozen travel books, and multiple detailed turn by turn direction books in a giant bag in our car as we headed to Alaska the first time. There has got to be a better way to plan with more information on the areas, I remember thinking. When trying to plot our our upcoming summer 2014 cross country journey online, MapQuest unkindly deleted my trip once I exceeded their number of stops only halfway through our trip planning. πŸ™ Frustrated that we couldn’t see the total timeline and stop by stop trip durations in one big picture, I began searching for a better app. I soon found Road Trippers, the best site ever! πŸ™‚ This app signs you in through social media, allows tons of stops, shows, travel time overall, between stops and estimated gas prices, enables detailed route customization, and allows you to look for all kinds of points of interest in each place you go.

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Campgrounds, lodging, tent sites, shopping, dining, outdoor adventure, scenic must-sees, tourist attractions, you.name.it. – click the icon and hover over each one to see more about it. On top of that, it has a “rad-o-meter” to let you know how interesting other road-trippers found it.

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This is a great tool for a big overview as well as an app where you can easily zoom in and find as detailed information as you want about a location. Overall, I am excited to use Road Trippers as a resource with tons of reviews, helpful tips and suggestions to enhance the road trip experience preserving the adventure while enabling sufficient planning to create a smooth, stress free travel. I will let you know how much we like the Road Trippers App as we take off and try it out on the road!