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On the Wall: Showcasing Canvas in a Big Way

Since we moved into our base house in Virginia, I have been in an off-and-on nesting mode (like we women often do when relocating) focusing on making this house feel like a home. With an abundance of white walls, one of my goals was to incorporate more photographs into our decor. We updated some of our matted frames with tiny 4×6 and 8×10 prints from our AK2VA Road Trip and mounted a 20×30 canvas of our evening in Yosemite in our living/dining area.  Surprisingly, the 20×30 canvas was dwarfed and looked too small for the focal point above our couch, so mounting it on our stained pallet was a great way to make it a more substantial presentation.

But the photos I could not have been more excited about hanging are the two canvases we had made at our lab (ProDPI) showcasing two of the wonderful portraits we had taken by our friend photographers David & Jess in Pensacola. We have printed 16×20’s…and 20×30’s, but I really wanted to showcase these in a bigger way. Family and Marriage is one of the biggest, most important things in my life. It’s why I love photographing and walking alongside couples taking that exciting step in their lives. So for my office, I wanted to feature my very own reminder of  why I love what I do… a reminder of the little things in life that really are the big things. A reminder that – no matter how many years go by or what challenges Bryan and I come across – our love continues to grow because we choose to walk together, and that is an everyday source of joy in my life. I also wanted to showcase the art photography is intended to be. In a digital age, we tend to leave photographs on hard drives, desktops, or as a tiny social media profile photo. We occasionally print 4×6’s for the fridge, Christmas cards, digital scrapbooks, and 8×10’s for table top frames from Hobby Lobby. And that’s a great thing too. But anything you invest in having professionally photographed is obviously something really important to you. A special day, a cherished relationship, or a moment in time you will always remember. It is photographs of those things we love most that are worthy of being showcased as art in your home. The moments you want to freeze in time and the people who hold such a big space in your heart are what make for art that impacts you at the deepest level. And it Should. Be. YOUR. Art. So I bought Two. HUGE. Canvases.

ProDPI New Canvases_Web_photo

I know it seems crazy. But you know what the weird thing is? These larger than life canvases (30×40 and 20×30) looked just right on the wall…not ginormous at all like most people would think. (Don’t mind Maxx totally photobombing this when he realized he had a chance. 😉 )

New Canvases copy_Web_photo

Bryan and I value our portraits just as our brides and grooms value their own, so I hope this post provides a great example of an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your favorite portraits in a classy way that does your favorite pictures justice.

(Side note:  I have to mention is the exceptional quality of our lab’s canvases. We have been customers of samples from Costco, Picture It on Canvas, and Mpixpro, and so far ProDPI surpasses them all in print quality, color, hanging features and sheen on the canvas. That being said, be sure to invest in a company with high quality and reviews – or ask us about ordering from our lab – they’re fabulous). 2014 Brides – Contact us by Sept 7th and lock in a 15% discount off your first Canvas purchase! We’ll send you the details.