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Netherlands Session: Samantha + Michael

A couple of weeks ago, Bryan and I made a quick trip to the Netherlands to sightsee in Amsterdam and enjoy the early bit of springtime at the world famous Keukenhof gardens! It was truly a beautiful place both in the city and out in the fields blooming with color and leaving a heavenly scent throughout the whole town!

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Sunday we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Samantha and Michael in person for the first time! They are celebrating a vow renewal in a lovely chateau this Fall, and this was a perfect way to get acquainted before the big event! We met them that evening at the lovely Keukenhof Gardens.


Samantha and Michael really enjoy living here in Europe, and little Adeline makes every outing quite the adventure! We played and conned her into all kinds of fun, and snuck time in for a few snaps of just Mom and Dad too!



I was way way impressed with this little gal understanding and being very diligent in not touching the flowers!


All Adeline wanted to do was to swing in between her parents as they walked. Watching the gleeful expressions this was the cutest!

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-018 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-008


Most parents are very concerned and want their toddler to pose just so in a photo. But this photo (below) to me couldn’t describe “life with a toddler” more perfectly! Doing their own thang and loving it!


Fortunately for us, Bryan and Adeline hit it off! Thus began Bryan’s dual role of assisting and being the ultimate playmate while Samantha and Michael shared a few more romantic photo moments! ๐Ÿ˜‰

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-024 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-027 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-026 QS9A0281.1
B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-031 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-047 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-049

In between these more couple-ish snaps we had more fun with Adeline! Isn’t this the cutestย family!?!

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-041 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-033 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-055 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-065

Towards the end of the evening, we arrived at one of Adeline’s favorite things at the garden – the Miffy ride.ย Miffyย is a small femaleย rabbitย featured in Dutch picture books. Samantha had brought Adeline’s Miffy Dutch slippers and we had a bit of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-073 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-067 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-069 B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Samantha_Williams_Session_at_Keukenhof_Gardens_High_Res_Photo-071

Samantha and Michael it was an absolute treat to spend the evening with your family! I can’t wait to meet again and celebrate big time for your Vow Renewal! I know it is going to be absolutely fantastic!

Ronald Folse - May 15, 2016 - 1:52 pm

Granddaughter’s work!!! WOW!