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Our second to last port of call on this Adriatic Cruise was to the isle of Mykonos, Greece. I thought my favorite would have been Santorini, but when we strolled off the ship and headed towards the town, I fell in love.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-017 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-125

We kind of just breezed through the coastal part of town and headed first to the famous windmills. It was crazy what is built right at the water’s edge!

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-020 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-022

Y’all. Seriously with the strays in Greece. I couldn’t handle it. It is a horrible thing that they make you scan your bags on the way back on the ship – otherwise our room would have been a crazy cat-and-dog-lady shelter until we got home. :/


We weaved through some very quiet streets and then had the pleasure of hearing the church bell ring with the sound of the blowing wind as they opened the doors for service.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-033 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-087 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-028

One of the most beautiful parts of our day was just wandering around these quiet streets before the locals were up and busy for the day, the stores opened, and they flooded with shoppers. The bright white and stark color accents were so eye catching…I could have just wandered for hours!

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-027 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-029

The windmills are pretty neat to see when you weave your way through to the other side of town.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-039 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-052 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-048 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-049 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-054 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-067

And then my heart just about fell off the sleeve I usually wear it on. We walked past the windmills and were soon greeted by a little stray my Dad named Mickey (short for Mykonos). This little guy was all purs and greeted each of us. I am almost positive my Dad kept his distance because I have convinced him to cast logic aside and adopt more animals than he ever would have intended…and this little cat was working his corner for love and attention!


Seriously though. 


After I almost refused to leave, Bryan convinced me that Mickey had it pretty good here at his church-chosen-residence. Great weather, shade and sun, all the loving from tourists like us, and some one was regularly bringing him food and water. It was time to part ways. :((((((


We weaved our way back through the streets towards the Old Port and Mykonos town.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-026 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-024 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-004
B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-037 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-079 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-076 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-071 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-072 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-069 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-073 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-081 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-083 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-080 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-100 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-090 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-107 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-092 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-014

With a perfect breeze and peaceful harbor view I only might have dreamed of, we sat and enjoyed Greek coffee specialties at The Taste Diaries that were to die for! Our waitress was perfect and so friendly – thinking back, I could have brought Mickey there to beg the fishermen as they filleted their catch and just got a job there and stayed there for all summer! 😉


I still chuckle about how tiny European vehicles are…and thought this is a perfect example to share with you!

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-088 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-098

So the thing to do was jump in this boat for a photo…so of course I tried to pretend I was cool haha (more like keep the hair out of my face and give up!).

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-097 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-105 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-126

If you eat octopus – you’ll never have fresher I am sure of it! We had to look twice at this fresh catch that the fishermen hung up to dry.


But after a gorgeous morning in a perfect place, we headed to catch a ride out to a less touristy, more residential part of the island for some real crazy fun.


Bryan literally arranged to make my dreams come true – horseback riding on a Greek Isle!


The photos before we got to the beach were with my Dad’s point and shoot camera he lent me since my spiffy horse required both hands to say the least. 🙂 Our guide and the staff were wonderful and we headed towards the ocean on horseback through the dry residential areas.

20150701-DSCN6386 20150701-DSCN6387 20150701-DSCN6393 20150701-DSCN6391

My poor poor Momma was at the worst of her cold, but she was trying to make the best of it. As a comic relief, she definitely ended up with a perfect horse for her! We all just about fell out of the saddle when we would look back and see her lagging way way behind on her old fella of a horse with a mouthful of bamboo.


We heard them before seeing them, but the hills were scattered with goats who greeted us as we strolled by. 🙂

20150701-DSCN6409I was so so excited when we rounded a curve to see the quiet and gorgeous beach we would be heading to!

20150701-DSCN6415 20150701-DSCN6416 20150701-DSCN6424 20150701-DSCN6427

As soon as we got to the beach, my Dad’s horse decided it was time to do his favorite thing – lie down and roll in the sand….only my poor Dad was still in the saddle! Fortunately with the guide’s help he stayed on and the horse got back up so he could properly dismount and let his horse have his fun. I am so so glad Dad didn’t have to partake in that with this guy! My dad took this photo once he was safely off. 😉

What did I tell you?! Momma’s horse was hilarious! 😛 They were truly a perfect pair!


My horse was beautiful and sassy. The guide gave her a needle bit (most aggressive they had) and I still had to keep an insanely tight rein on her just to get her to listen! She really just wanted to do her own thing. Bryan laughed when I told him and said “Sounds familiar.” 😐



Bryan had the perfect horse. A good listener…chill…strong and beautiful!


We tried to get this photo below…but let’s face it…my hair was all over the place and my horse just really wanted to bite Bryan’s horse’s nose. I feel like his horse was like the goody-two-shoes and mine was the brat who hated brown-nosers like him. 😉


Due to nose-biting, we re-grouped for this side-by-side photo attempt. Observe the pouty look on my horse’s face. 😉



My horse was not going in to splash in the water more than this (above). She was a firecracker and done with the people pleasing. She was more ready to run the beach – like she apparently loved to do – and wanted me to find out by surprise ((:-0 .  After we came to a halt and I thanked God I stayed on through the total surprise of the day, our guide filled me in about her passion for running back from the beach (a little late… but thank you for that) and gave her horse to me to have a little more fun with in the water before moving on. 🙂

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-168 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-173 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-171 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-166


Mom and Dad were quite content to chill on the beach enjoying the view (Momma still with her helmet on 😉 ), but this would be our last chance to swim in the beautiful Greek Isle water on this cruise so Bryan and I took the opportunity!

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-175 20150701-DSCN6484 20150701-DSCN6482 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Mykonos_GREECE_2015_photo-157

It was a perfect, exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so thankful Bryan found it and arranged to help me experience my dreams!  🙂  Riding back was relaxing and beautiful looking at these old old stone walls built without any mortar at all yet lasting strong for years and years (they don’t make them like they used to!). Mykonos holds a special place in my heart with its beauty, amazing, warm, and hospitable people and the crazy horse experience.



After this stop I was really unsure the next day would even compare…but in a totally different way the Greek culture really would blow us away at our very last port of call- Olympia. Don’t miss our final adventure in the Adriatic – coming to the blog next!

Mary Daniels - August 17, 2015 - 7:13 pm

Love these pictures. Colors don’t even seem real! Great day even though I was sick and had a goofy horse! He was just right for me however! lol