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My First Engagement Shoot…Ever. (Part 1…leading up to my first shoot)

Before diving in to this can of worms story of My First Engagement Shoot ever, I want to thank all who read my posts on this blog. It is scary to share reveal my scattered thoughts sometimes – understanding what goes on in this head is a JOB – trust me – I have to live there!  They say women think and talk in Spider Webs…that one thought leads to another and it all is related…kind of. I think I have Spider Webbing Down! 🙂

But seriously, I am just trying to be real and share things that show a little bit of who I am. I am hoping this is a place you can see the mistakes, the small successes, and the growth of my business as well as different parts of my life. And for sharing in all of this along the way –



We all have had moments where we try something, like it, and then see a professional and think “It must be nice, but I could never…

This was the case for me. Growing up, the only thing I remember putting in 100% of my effort into was Ballet.

However, it rocked my world when, at the young age of 15 and most of those years being fully devoted to dancing, I reached the heartbreaking realization that no matter how much I effort I gave, I would NEVER have the necessary rotation, the flexibility , nor the tiny slim body of a prima ballerina. This realization crushed my self-confidence and my heart because I realized that all my life up to this point had been about one dream only, and my own self would keep me from really achieving the dream I had set before me. FAIL.

Though Ballet and Dance taught me many great and important lessons for which I am so thankful, this experience subconsciously affected the way I approached many other things. I thought that if I set my expectations low, at least I would never disappoint myself again. I more often than not chose not to give 100% at things because I didn’t want to have to admit that I gave every effort I had, fell on my face, and failed. AGAIN. At least I would have an excuse for not being great. Mission Accomplished.

When Bryan and I were newly married in 2007, we went to take a snapshot for something and found our little Olympus Point and Shoot camera – DEAD. This was before either of our phones had cameras – so we were anxious to replace it. As we played with various cameras at Best Buy, I voiced my camera pet peeves to Bryan (pardon my novice remarks).

“I hate when my photos won’t focus right away, and I miss the shot… or it clicks for so long it is blurry. I just want a camera that ‘feels‘ like it locks in on the subject and gives clear shots.”

This is when I fell in love with DSLR cameras. I loved that, despite them not fitting into your jacket pocket, you could press the shutter half way down and lock your auto focus before clicking. In my simple way of understanding cameras – problem solved! My mother and father-in-law gave me my very first Canon Rebel xsi for Christmas and I was on cloud 9! And who never cares if you take their photo 1,000 times? Pets. That’s right…I became the Pet Paparazzi. Forgive my apparent past addiction to Black and White Photos. 🙂


Later that Christmas day, Bryan and I took an evening walk by the lake separated by a beautified retention pond near his parent’s house in Orlando and I snapped these shots.


That shot on the left – that is the cutest dog and most handsome man I know! But that shot on the right – that one lit a fire inside me. The Universe God had thrown me a bone. I was shooting on “P” mode, or maybe even “Auto”. I had no idea of how to shoot in “manual” nor had I discovered there was such a thing as ISO on digital cameras. There is nothing like witnessing something beautiful, but the ability to capture it in a way that does it some kind of justice was darn near the most exciting and fulfilling feeling I had ever had. This photo motivated me and gave me a somewhat false since of accomplishment (since it was a lucky “Auto” shot) that spurred my curiosity into all things photo.

(To be Continued…A few lucky shots, unexpected mentors, and my FIRST and most intimidating Engagement Session Clients ever – and their pictures.)