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Moving Week and a Peek at our Little Camper!

– Moving Week and a Peek at our Little Camper! – 

This past couple of weeks has been a little crazy. For  a person who doesn’t do well when her routines are thrown off, I feel like it has gone as well as possible. Bryan is simply amazing at accomplishing tasks and is highly motivated when crossing them off the list. It is great because I, on the other hand,  look at lists filled with things I don’t want to do and am completely overwhelmed. BUT… I am really good at organizing how we tackle the list – so we make a good team as long as Bryan only shows me a few tasks at a time. 😉 Though we were working really long days of preparing our house for the renters and deciding what to bring on our trip, we were able enjoy one last fire in our backyard and  work in a mountain bike afternoon to our favorite lake – Eklutna. It was a picture perfect Alaska summer day. photo-1

B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Panorama_Photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-054 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-050 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_iphone_Photo-007 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_iphone_Photo-006 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_iphone_Photo-004 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-043 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-051 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Panorama_Photo-002 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-045 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-032 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-042 B-Weiss_Photography_Eklutna_Lake_Alaska_Summer_Bike_Photo-037It was so wonderful to get some fresh air before the week ahead. Tuesday, the movers began the job of packing and loading our household goods. I am so thankful to have had their professional packing skill (especially for fragile items) and focus to get it done and done well. move 2014

Now for a peek at our home for the next 8 1/2 weeks! 🙂 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Summer_Road_trip_Camper_Interior_Jayco_Swift_Photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Summer_Road_trip_Camper_Interior_Jayco_Swift_Photo-003 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Summer_Road_trip_Camper_Interior_Jayco_Swift_Photo-006 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Summer_Road_trip_Camper_Interior_Jayco_Swift_Photo-005We hope that these last few weeks in Alaska are filled with great times with friends and more soul-refreshing outdoor adventures in the Great Land! Can’t wait to write more! 🙂

Toni Maccabee - May 16, 2014 - 11:51 pm

<3 Enjoy your new adventure! I look forward to hearing about them and seeing your awesome pictures!

Verlene Anderson - May 17, 2014 - 5:41 am

Where are you moving to?