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Merry Christmas! + Re-Branding: A New Look for a New Year

I  hope you had a fantastic week of Christmas! We stayed in Alaska rather than venturing home to Florida…and though we missed families – our hearts were full of joy and gratefulness for time relaxing by the fire with each other, sharing dinners with friends, enjoying activities with our military and church family, and receiving Christmas wishes from family and friends from near and far. I baked for the first time in ages – and thank God everything was edible! And in case you were wondering – we haven’t had to eat out yet! This year is already going better than last year as far as planning and being a Betty Crocker wife. But just in case we had plenty of baked goods as back up from a wonderful neighbor! My favorite part of Christmas this year was sharing a moment with our good friends watching the Northern Lights in our little town as Christmas Eve turned to Christmas Day. 🙂


In addition to wishing you all a Merry Christmas, I am so excited to finally have everything up and running. If you are familiar with my old site and Blog, welcome and thanks for venturing over to our new and improved Website+Blog! I finally feel at home here. 😉 I would Love to mention that we are not charging travel fees for 2014 Weddings  and are super excited to offer our services to brides and grooms anywhere! Please share our Website with ANY couples anywhere looking for a destination wedding photographer or traveling photographer to come to them! 🙂

A few features I would recommend checking out that are new or improved are below. Have fun wandering! 😉

1. DESIGN – My original website made it very difficult to add personal touches of us and what we are about. Thanks to WordPress wonders and Tiffany Kelley Design  I am excited to add a little more personal pizzaz to accompany our Photography Site “home”.


2. VIDEO – Want to get a better feel for my personality and shooting thoughts? Thanks to Ross Montgomery’s amazing video skills I was brave enough to be filmed shooting a couple and sharing info about us!


3. GALLERY SLIDESHOWS: We are a non-flash website (at last!) and now feature slideshows that work on your mobile device or tablet. Before, I would develop an eye twitch at my frozen-still flash galleries. I am so happy that everyone will have the extra convenience of sitting back and checking out our photos rather than having to manually find our galleries!


4. PRICING + INFO MAGAZINE: Want to know more about our services, products, recommendations and price point before submitting an inquiry? All you need to know is in our 2014 Weddings Magazine. Double click to view everything you need to know!


5. SUBSCIBE TO OUR BLOG MADE EASY: Love to follow our personal and professional updates? Now it is easier than ever! Just subscribe here to receive our latest post via email.


6. OUR FEATURED CLIENTS: Want your Engagement Session or Wedding featured in a Blog or submitted to a Magazine? Check out where past clients have been published.


Next will be adding this new branding to our stationary and packaging. I hope to share it with you soon! 🙂