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Jessie and John’s Alaska Winter Wedding

Jessie and John’s Alaska Winter Wedding:

So, this past Saturday, my associate photographer Jennifer Hammer and I drove out to the Bible Valley Chalet in Indian, Alaska (right near Girdwood). The sunrise on the water off of the Seward Highway was phenomenal…and I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day for a wedding in Alaska! We passed people climbing the frozen water run-off’s on the mountain side of the Seward Highway, and saw a few moose who were probably enjoying the beautiful morning as much as we were, especially after such bad weather the day before! We pulled into the Bible Valley Chalet and began examining the lighting and planning our shots etc. Miss Jessica Bowlin, her mother, and her bridesmaids arrived on time, with hair done and nothing but smiles. She said she was nervous, but you’d never know it by the way she was able to laugh, chill and get ready with her mom and friends! The day went perfectly, and the wedding party was determined to help create some really fun photos outside in our cozy 12 degree weather. I love that they brought sunglasses, it made for really great personality pictures and also seemed to bring out more laughs and smiles which were great for the Wedding photos. Jessie and John were super fun-loving, and brought their ski boots for some authentic Alaskan Winter Wedding pics. The reception was at the Bayshore Club House in Anchorage, and was elegant and cozy, with it’s lodge-like feel, high ceilings, soft lights, beautiful views and gorgeous fire blazing in the fireplace. This was an awesome party – it was great to see that so many people could cut loose and dance the night away! It is such a privilege for me to take a part in such a happy and special day like this for a couple, and there is no doubt that Jessie and John are perfect together! Just look at them! Check out this handful of sneak peeks! 🙂

B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_5_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_5_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_3_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_2_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_4_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_6_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_7_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_8_photo.jpg B-WEISS_PHOTOGRAPHY_Girdwood_Alaska_Wedding_Bayshore_Clubhouse_9_photo.jpg