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Why I Love Him : He Held Me At My Weakest


On good days, it is great to have a man to laugh, dream, and go on adventures with. It is wonderful to go through the fun, exciting and even the mundane day-to-day with him. I avoid risk and opportunities to feel hurt like nothing else…and when painful moments and disappointment come – I wonder what good can possibly come out of it. You know the feeling. Tears well up, your stomach churns, your heart aches. You discover something that makes you feel worthless, and you haven’t had time to put things into perspective. Your reasoning, or lack there of, seems to run away and thoughts of failure, doubt, and lack of worth creep in. And in this moment, I realized there is MUCH good possible- I received a true gift from my husband that I could not have received had I not been broken. My husband completely surprised me. He didn’t fuss at me for not thinking with complete rationality like “men do”. He didn’t tune out and leave me only to return when I had recovered from my wounded self-esteem. He held me, and prayed for me. At first I didn’t want a hug, but the longer he held me the more I knew I needed it.

And more so than than this, I learned it is in these darkest moments when we need to be loved, that perfect love is always found in Christ.

And nothing is better by following this all up with a good-for-the-soul walk on a beautiful Alaska October morning with beautiful new friends! Inspired me to grab a few more end-of-Fall Photos.

AK October 2013-003 AK October 2013-012 AK October 2013-005

Have a wonderful weekend and cherish each moment with your loved ones! They are true gifts.