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Hawaii Couple’s Session in Oahu with Lovebirds : Cheyeanne + Andrew

Hawaii Couple’s Session in Oahu with Lovebirds : Cheyeanne + Andrew:

Let me start off by saying – I just LOVE and ADORE these two! I am not even kidding. Bryan and I still chuckle about Cheyeanne and Andrew making us laugh all morning long as we got to know them during their session. I think what I liked most about this couple is that they did not hold back on sharing the humor and truth behind their love. I remember being surprised and also filled with giggles at Cheyeanne and Andrew’s playful, very honest and hilarious answers to our questions. I just loved the fun and irony that filled the air in our conversation.

Cheye and Andrew have been dating for a while there in Oahu and I was so excited when Cheye told me she would love photos taken of the two of them! The only time we worked out was Sunrise, but with my awesome directions and an early morning frenzy, sunrise was happening before we could meet up.

I knew these two were going to be a bunch of fun when they both strolled up and the first thing out of their mouths were

Andrew: “So Sorry! We are known by all our friends as the late couple.”

Cheye: “I really tried!”

We began photographing these two and the more we talked I felt like kindred spirits! πŸ™‚ B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-018 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-007 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-015One question we ask couples is “How’d you meet?”. Rather than painting a romantic Nicholas Sparks-inspired, slightly exaggerated romance story, Cheye and Andrew began filling us in saying –

Well, at first we didn’t like each other…but then we finally got to know each other…and started seeing each other a lot differently.” I remember right then admiring the candid, humorous way they looked back on the beginning of their love story. πŸ™‚

B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-038 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-035 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-050At least when you get rained on in Hawaii during your shoot, there is a good chance of seeing a beautiful rainbow!

B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-057 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-081 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-054 B-Weiss_Photography_Hawaiian_Couples_Session_Cheye_and_Andrew_in_Kailua_Beach_Park_Oahu_Hawaii_Photo-053I really loved this shoot because of our awesome conversations we had! πŸ˜‰

Cheye was looking forward to going to a pumpkin patch with Andrew for the very first time as a friend recommended (since they don’t have a “Fall season” in Hawaii) to pick a pumpkin to carve and roast the seeds, and were excited they had a chance to recently join in a Hillsong Conference. I loved the candid humor, fun-filled personalities, and great sports these two were as well as how comfortable we all were within minutes of meeting. Cheye immediately made me feel normal with her own stories after telling her of my fall down the KoKo Head trail, and they were such a pleasure to photograph as during our Hawaiian Vacation! This Hawaii Couple’s Session in Oahu was one of my favorite mornings of our vacation and I am so thankful to have met and photographed them! Cheye and Andrew – Thank you both so much for the opportunity to meet and take your portraits! We wish you all the best and will definitely touch base if we are headed to Hawaii in the future! πŸ™‚