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Hatcher’s Pass Engagement Session: Amanda and Brandon

This past weekend, Bryan and I had the pleasure of photographing a Hatcher’s Pass Engagement Session out in Palmer, Alaska. I have been loving Fall – it is my absolute favorite season! But as we “winterized” our Camper earlier that day I decided that, if I ignored the snow on the mountain tops affectionately called “termination dust” by Alaskans, maybe winter would hold off and give us a few more blissful days of Autumn colors and fresh crisp air. Even as we made our way out towards Hatcher’s Pass I stopped to take in the beautiful colors and scenery the area has. But as we kept watching, my winter denial turned into acceptance – and quickly!

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-001 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-004 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-011 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-018 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-020We met Amanda and Brandon for the first time in person, and immediately I knew we were going to have a lot of fun. As we began the trek up toward Independence Mine, Amanda shared their story of how it all began. Minnesota girl Amanda was a little hesitant moving all the way to Texas for work, but soon met Houston boy Brandon when working on a project together in Houston and Louisiana. Sooner than later, she had a really great reason to stick around! Amanda and Brandon recently relocated to Alaska for work where Brandon proposed! They will be tying the knot in Houston next fall. B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-023 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-025

About 3/4 way up to our beginning spot, I casually asked them to stop for a quick photo with the blue distant mountain range in case the clouds rolled in and covered them later. And I had no idea how glad we would be to have that moment…because sure enough, they clouds rolled in and we didn’t see those mountains again until after sunset!  We took advantage of the snowy evening outcome and played until the sun went down. I love how even though Brandon was less than thrilled about having a photo session, he and Amanda were able to be completely comfortable as we talked about work, wedding planning, and life in between photos.

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-026 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-028 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-044 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-057 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-051I just love catching the moments in between when they were laughing, cuddling and their personalities were shining!

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-071 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-072 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-075

And just when we thought we were all alone, a bold little ptarmigan and his possy paraded on through making their cute little noises…which weren’t so cute later when I was crouching in a bush for a photo and alarmed one seriously stealthy ptarmigan. 😉 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-078

Amanda and Brandon’s Texas Wedding will be a rustic and vintage feel, which made playing around the old buildings at Hatcher a perfect backdrop!

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-102

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photos-106

I was so glad when they didn’t look at me like I was completely crazy when asking them to step near a pile of “cool rusty stuff”. Confession – I think rust colors are awesome! 🙂 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-114 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-121 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-126

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-140 B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-151Towards the end of our session, Amanda and Brandon brought out their dog Duke. How beautiful is he?!?

We played in the snow a few minutes longer before concluding the evening.

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photos-156Amanda and Brandon were amazing sports and a truly wonderful pair. We could not have had more fun playing in our first snow with them!

B-Weiss_Wedding_Photography_by Brittany_Weiss_Palmer_Alaska_Engagement_Session_at_Hatcher_Pass_Amanda_and_Brandon_Photo-158After everything was said and done, we all were so thankful for the snow and for Alaska never ceasing to be amazing! Congratulations Amanda and Brandon! Bryan and I are so happy to have the opportunity to meet you and be a part of this special time in your lives of being engaged in Alaska! We couldn’t feel any more blessed to have made two more wonderful new friends and we wish you all the best! Thank you for bringing in Winter 2013/2014 with us!