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Final Update: The End of Our AK2VA Cross Country Trip

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I can’t believe our crazy summer AK2VA Cross Country road trip move has come to an end! It seems like it was all a whirlwind, and I have to re-read our posts and look back at pictures to make sure it really happened.

Now for a little Road Trip Tally Fun –

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 5.10.05 AM

Thanks to everyone who walked along with us in prayer as we made each long drive and faced each logistical complication. I cannot tell you how much we have been watched over. My biggest moment of realizing this was in Nevada/Arizona when a tire shop owner asked if he could fill up our tires, and found two tires that were completely worn down on the inside from being installed improperly in AK (we would have never noticed the inside of the tires unless sticking our heads under the car a good ways.) After seeing the condition of the tires and considering the temperature of the hot asphalt, a tire blow out would have been imminent and the stretch of road ahead was barren, hot and out of range for phone service. We would have been completely at a Good Samaritan’s mercy. Another moment was when this tire shop owner began jacking up our camper tire, and Bryan and I held our breath that we didn’t find any axle welds coming undone…again. But what we found instead was that Jake, the owner from Two Guys way back in northern California, had taken it upon himself to reinforce both sides of our camper axle without charging extra or even telling us. God is good! So many people were an unexpected blessing to us, and we could not have traveled over 9,000 miles this safely without them.

We made what we thought was our final haul up to VA after visiting our family in Orlando, but because we had a house lined up for us on base that wasn’t available until 7 days later, we signed in and hit the beach! We camped out at NAS Oceana’s military campground and it was really a great spot to end our camping trip shared with only a few families on the private portion of the coastline. Bryan smiled as we walked on the beach saying “Well we really traveled coast to coast!” 😉



Maya had a great time tip-toeing near the waves of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. 🙂


Oh and our kitty cat Maxx? He is happy anywhere! 😉 LOOK at those fur paws!


I talked Bryan into getting sandy again for a walk that evening. Sunset walks with these two does my heart good!


We actually woke up for a sunrise. There was no view of the sun on the horizon due to low clouds, but hey – we were proud to be walking the beach at 5:30 on a day off, even if we did go back to bed for a bit. 😉  It was still a beautiful start to our day.

B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Summer_2014_Virginia_Beach_photo-048 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Summer_2014_Virginia_Beach_photo-045

Side Note: When I was a kid, I used to think it would be really cool to grow up and either be a National Geographic Photographer or take photos of beautifully sunlit clouds…maybe with inspirational sayings. These were dreams of many … but who would have thought this crazy cloud idea would make for some cool backdrops for our clients one day? I just can’t help but appreciate how every day is like a beautiful unique setting. And Bryan totally drank my Kool-Aid too…that man cuts right to my heart when he is like “Brittany look at the sky over here!” The man speaks my language.


The National Geographic Photographer on the other hand?  Bahahahahaha…we agreed I am not cut out for anything lacking a hot shower, bed, A/C and Heat, or anything creepy, crawly or able to easily eat me…after

A.) that one time I yanked my 4 year old cousin out of the water and yelled “Shark!!” at a beach in my hometown only to find it was a big dolphin feeding underwater,

B.) my humiliating Hawaiian snorkeling adventure (read about it towards the bottom of this article)

C.) and the way I jumped into a screaming ninja mode when a fiddler crab made a run at my foot. Sheesh. What can I say? Fight then Flight. 😉

B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Summer_2014_Virginia_Beach_photo-076 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Summer_2014_Virginia_Beach_photo-077

While camping out there, we took advantage of the close by fitness centers and were eager to eat healthy and kick our behinds back in shape. I really can’t tell you how very much I enjoy working out in the AC. It is going to be a very gradual process before I exert my energy in this southern heat thank-you-very-much. 😛 However, sore muscles will make for a really fun hike to a beach spot later that day :-/ …but we had fun anyways.  After towing them all the way from Alaska in our camper, we finally had time to use my beach umbrella, and Bryan and I got to fly his kite!!

B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Summer_2014_Virginia_Beach_photo-050 B-Weiss_Photography_AK2VA_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_Summer_2014_Virginia_Beach_photo-072

One evening we took a drive down the Virginia Beach to take a peek at the Fort Story Army Post and eat at Tautog’s Seafood Restaurant. The base was really quaint and relaxed and the town nearby was really cute and hoppin with beach folk… AND let me just recommend Tautog for dinner – YUM!!!

IMG_5285 IMG_5294

As we look forward to settling into the home Fort Lee has for us, I am anxious to hit the ground running and get back to focusing on my 2014 clients and working on this traveling photography business. Because we are only in VA for 6 months and we haven’t received orders of where we are headed next, sometimes it seems difficult to plan out and prepare for this Wedding Photography business I love so much. But this advice from Zig Ziglar seems to fit my life as a military wife and business owner just right – so I am going to go with that!

If you missed our prior updates – feel free to check out our AK2VA page for all of our road tripping posts! Interested in following more our shenanigans? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for random fun!