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Engaged and In Love in Palmer, Alaska : Aliscia + Josh


I was driving out to Palmer to meet Aliscia and Josh for the first time for our Engagement Session. We planned to meet at the fair grounds, but I stumbled across this spot [shhhh… it’s my new super secret ;)]. I found the owner and he was The Nicest! I am so thankful to him for the opportunity to enjoy such beautiful scenery on his property!

Aliscia and Josh were so dang sweet!  Aliscia is a light-hearted girl with a smile that lights up everyone around her, and Josh is a perfect match for her with his charming smile and friendly personality. Josh works on the slopes is used to 50 below temperatures, so our 30+ temps were perfect for him! A born and raised Alaskan, Josh is always getting Aliscia to enjoy the fresh air, outdoor activities and beautiful scenery all over Alaska. Aliscia and Josh love to camp all over the state during the summer. Josh even proposed to Aliscia down in Girdwood by a waterfall – how romantic! These two plan to share a Wedding Celebration here in AK in addition to their Wedding Ceremony in Vegas.

It was truly a perfect day, with fantastic weather, breath-taking scenery, and the most PERFECT company I could ask for. This is the reason I truly love my job – I live for these moments when it feels like I might have just met some great future friends.





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