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My Valentine – It’s What He Doesn’t Do

Today (Valentines Day), and Everyday I am so thankful for you Bryan –

On a day when everyone is thankful for what their spouse does for them, and while I am so thankful for your sweet flowers, dates, and cards and romantic gestures….I am just as thankful for the things you don’t do. You don’t mind working your tail off if it means reaching our goals and providing for me. You don’t always tell me what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. You don’t mind making a small subway or pizza date out of nights when I ran out of time to cook, or being my hero and tackling my least favorite chore (vacuuming). You don’t crash onto the couch after a long hard day but rather stand in the kitchen often just so I can have your company since I have missed you. You don’t mind sleeping on the edge of the bed when I have confiscated the warmest spot in the middle. You don’t mind when I think I’ve messed up a recipe – and instead insist it just needs hot sauce. 😉 You don’t silence the dreams in my heart, but rather you taught me that, with you, it is safe to dream big… and I see you work so hard to make all my dreams come true.

Thank you for all you do, and for what you don’t do that shows you love for me day in and day out – on Valentines Day and everyday. 🙂