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Discovering Self-Confidence as a Military Wife and a Wedding Photographer

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Well it is officially break up season here in Alaska! I have concluded this is the only place I know of where you can wear a short sleeve shirt and sunglasses one day and then need your heavy coat, gloves, and a snow shovel the next. Though we have had some gorgeous weather with sunshine and higher temps, flip flop season stays just on the horizon until the random spring blizzards come to a halt and ankle deep puddles of melting snow have fully disappeared.

With break up season tends to be a slight decline in Photo Sessions (due to the muddy slush everywhere and weather unpredictability) and an steady pace of meeting with clients and scheduling wedding dates right before our Alaska Wedding season. I get excited during breakup because it means Wedding Season is almost here and we have the pleasure of getting to know new couples and begin planning how to capture the unique beauty in each love story and wedding day. I am looking forward to what is in store for this summer!

As for life in the meantime, we recently attended an event for Bryan and his Army Unit. Very little frightens me more than attending a gathering with a new group of women brought together by the common grounds of the Military. Each one of us is from a different hometown, a different faith, a different normal, a different way of life. Each one of us has been brought far from home and the comforts of family and our best friends. Each one of us is looking for friendship and acceptance in their new life in a new city. And each one of us has unique gifts, values, and opinions on any and everything from how we should occupy our time during deployments to how we should raise and care for our children.

I have a major default setting when it comes to these Military Spouse gatherings – and truth be told it is my FREAK OUT setting. My biggest worry is that at the end of the day, I will be myself (which always feels so vulnerable) … and some one (or everyone) will decide they just don’t like me. My biggest fear is that I will realize that at the end of the day they just don’t like who I am. I tend to always want to please everyone, and the reality that I will not click with everybody I meet makes me shudder.

The thing I am learning through constantly attending events like this is to be myself, to focus on caring deeply about others, and if they decide not to like me – I know I need to be okay with that. The same is so true with being a Wedding Photographer. Every bride deserves a photographer that is a great fit for her – one that will make her and her fiance’ feel comfortable and special in their every interaction (especially on their Wedding Day). She deserves some one that will connect with her on a personal and professional level. I love when I meet with a bride and her fiance’ and I can tell that we click really well. I know that this comfortability will naturally allow me to capture the true nature of their personalities and love for each other which is one of the most important ingredients for beautiful wedding images. I am thankful for the lessons the military has taught me in being secure in who I am as a friend and as a photographer, even if it is way out of my comfort zone! 🙂 As for break up season – I know it doesn’t look like Spring lately, but it’s breaking up people! Summer is coming, slowly but surely B-)

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-027 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-026 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-025 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-024 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-023 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-029 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Thunderbird_Falls-photo-028


Gotta include my Loves! Maya loves the snow…WAY. MORE. THAN. BRYAN. 😉