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Cross Country Trip Part 1 Alaska to Canada

On our first day of our AK2VA cross country adventure, Alaska really showed us her truly ever changing self. We did final packing of our car and camper in 36 degree spitting rain, and on the way up to hug some friends’ necks we found ourselves in a snow frenzy. Really? Besides the fact that we have no winter clothes packed for this trip and that we had flip flips on like fools – I’ll take a little goodbye snow ;). As we headed out of town, we had more rain…

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-002

and more snow…

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-005 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-004

 I think Maxx could sense we were on an all new kind of car ride, so he decided to ditch Maya and make an escape to visit us. Though I’m sure he would much rather be sightseeing on my lap, we had fun for a bit but locked down the pet kennel so he and Maya could bond the rest of the way ;).

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-020 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-018

Though there was no sign of wild game for us to view the first day, we were beyond happy to eventually find blue skies for most of our driving.
We passed many beautiful mountains  and streams…

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-008 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-027

We passed a glacier or two…

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-009 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-010We stopped for a nap here…



 And traveled miles and miles – driving towards mountains.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-031Bryan and I are always hoping to make good time on our drives, but the Richardson Hwy had other plans. We drove through maybe 1.5- 2 dozen patches of road that were ” in progress”. I have to say that one of the funny things that cracked me up was that they used about 4-5 different descriptions for each patch. Some said loose gravel…

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-037Some just showed you…


And still others helped you realize that soon you would be going 6mph through the same gravel. At least I was amused!



We finally made it to the Sourdough Campground in Tok, AK and could not believe it had been 3 years since we first stumbled upon this hilarious little joint. I smiled as we opened our doors to hear “My achy breaky heart” and the familiar song and game time going on led by their Johnny Cash impersonator ;).
If you ever drive through… You HAVE to stay there. It makes me chuckle! I love how friendly campgrounds are!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-047 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Eagle_River_to_Tok_photo-044As we made our way toward the Yukon border, I was soaking up these last few moments in Alaska…so it called for one last family photo ;).

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-031 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-001 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-005Yes I made a sign for the camper…I may or may not be crazy! But if you are ever bored and traveling down the road it may be fun to check out some random blog. 😉 We have gotten some interesting looks and it has struck up a good bit of conversations from it already at pit stops haha!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-003 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-002Just like the Richardson Highway, the Alaska Highway was undergoing a project, and was plentifully bumpy with gravelly roads and dust so heavy it blinded you if a car drove ahead.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-014 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-006 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-008But as for the Yukon – I know everyone thinks it is cold and frigid – but WOW…it is up at the top of my list for some awesome scenery!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-010 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-009We were fortunate to see a ton of wildlife the next few days – but these two lovelies weren’t darting by so we stopped to admire them!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-013The bumpy road managed to break a leaf spring once again, so our camper is definitely leaning – but at least this time we had prepared the camper setup to keep everything running smoothly. We hope to not have to fix it until VA…so keep us in your prayers! B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-015 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-016 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-017 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-018 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-019One of the main things we worry about while not getting great gas mileage is how far apart the gas stations are. We definitely decided to stop at pretty much every one we saw – no matter how…um…vintage they looked! 😉

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-021Look at those prices! :O


I am telling you – you have to visit the Yukon!!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-020 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-023 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-025Bryan loved this awesome old bridge!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-028 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Tok_to_Canada_photo-002 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-030That night we drove until we were beyond ready for bed. After dry camping for the night at a rest area, we woke up and continued our journey. We drove on and on through mountains and bridges…

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-034 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-035 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-037 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-038 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-040 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-042 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-043I enjoyed seeing some beautiful humming birds during a pit stop!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-044 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-045 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-046 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-049…and we decided to stay in this quaint sleepy little town.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-051With about 2 dozen headaches and inconveniences we ran into on this day, it was absolutely perfect timing to pop in this classic movie Bryan’s Mom had sent us. We’d never seen it, but found ourselves laughing hysterically at some of the commonalities we shared with this couple in the movie! Thanks Mrs. Bonnie Jo – you have NO IDEA!!! 🙂


Heading on past Prince George, BC the next day, we passed the gorgeous little town of Smithers and fell in love…it’s like country meets the Mountains, and the people are too kind!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-058 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-060 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-061 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-063We made it just past Prince George and saw a great place to stop in Hixon, BC at the Canyon Creek Campground and RV park. What a gem! We love this campground and Bryan has loved learning the story of the owners! We can’t believe how many people we have met and how beautiful British Columbia and Yukon truly are! B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-070 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-076Can you find our little camper? We may be tiny – but we are loving the camp life here!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-077Canyon Creek RV Park is so well kept up and has a really nice little trail to the creek – which was Maya’s dream come true! She could run, splash and fetch sticks for us forever!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-071 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-055 B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Cross_Country_Road_Trip_AK2VA_Alaska_to_Canada_photo-072

Maxx has become quite the happy little camper – he loves the camper and puts up with the car ride with Maya. His favorite part is when I let him sit with me up front towards our final stretch of the day! 😉


After playing at the campground and sharing our adventures on the blog, we are headed to rest up for the drive back to the lower 48 tomorrow! I can’t believe it. Though we have loved it in Canada – it will be just marvelous to have phone signal and steady internet to share our journey as we go! If you have texted, emailed, or contacted me in any way and don’t hear back – please retry to connect with me after Wednesday. I am in spotty signal so this blog is a miracle in itself haha! I would love to connect!

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Lauren Bentley - June 4, 2014 - 7:54 am

LOVE these photos, you are so talented! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Heather Vaughan - June 4, 2014 - 8:17 am

Gosh, these pictures are amazing…. I sure do miss the traveling in between duty stations! You meet some great people and hear wonderful stories! These will be great memories for you and Bryan.

Bonnie Jo Massey Weiss - June 4, 2014 - 1:23 pm

Breathtaking photos and you two are living the dream! Can’t wait to hear the stories of the people and your experiences. Love you two.

Jan Arnold - June 4, 2014 - 2:45 pm

Thank you for sharing the photos and fun. The photos are just amazing. Keep on sharing with us as your journey continues!

Beverly Keeling Edwards - June 4, 2014 - 2:56 pm

Beautiful, awesome photography!! I loved reading about your travel and will continue to follow your trip. Safe travel prayers and keep living the dream.

Molly Horsley - June 4, 2014 - 4:16 pm

Such great photos. I love the pictures of Maxx haha! And the sign-looks great!!!

Corinne Wiebe - June 4, 2014 - 9:07 pm

I saw you driving through Prince George, and the sign on your trailer definitely caught my attention. What a fun and adventurous way to move – if I ever do a big move like that, I have to say I’d love to do it the same way. Best of luck to you both!

Linda Pugh Watkins - June 5, 2014 - 2:25 am

The scenery and your photography are awesome! I have always wanted to go to Alaska but haven’t made it yet.

Jan Findley - June 5, 2014 - 8:59 am

I’m so enjoying the pictures and comments about your trip! Since it’s highly improbable that I’ll ever make it to Alaska or Canada, watching your journey is like experiencing it myself. Thank you so much for sharing and I can’t wait till the next installment! Safe travels!

Judy Garvey Gasperini - June 5, 2014 - 5:27 pm

Amazing photographs. Many remind me of Glacier National Park and Montana.

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