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Coffee, Burglary, Good Family Memories with Great Friends

This morning, Bryan was leaving for work and I was looking forward to a relaxing rejuvenating morning and day with NOTHING TO DO BUT work on the business at home and CLEAN this poor messy house! It was so nice to have an entire day to devote to some much needed tasks, and I planned on starting it off with coffee.

Then, my dad called me and wanted to see if I had heard from my mom (Momma), because the alarm went off, the cops wanted a green or red light to go check the house, and Momma was not answering the phone. Being in Alaska, I did the only things I could think of to help –

1. Wake up from my morning fog, process the possibilities and FREAK OUT a little bit.

2. Call her coworkers and asked if she was in at work today or at home.

3. Make coffee.

4. Say a prayer.

5. Wait by the phone.

Needless to say, moments later I get a call from my Dad saying he left work and drove all the way home to find Mom piddling in the yard and finishing up an appointment with the Alarm guy. They had set off the alarm by accident and my mom assumed since the alarm guy was there she need not follow the protocol to ensure police were informed this was not an actual emergency. I KNOW. My Dad and I being kindred spirits in many ways consoled each other in our phone chat from the short duration of stress and frustration that accompanied this conclusion of our worrisome morning.

Well, if anything, at least Mom knows we are all worried about her and care about her! This morning proved to be a stressful wake-up with coffee time, and it brought back a childhood memory which was the main reason we installed a security system at our house.

I can’t remember every detail. But I can tell you what I do remember – our house got Robbed…Broken into…Not cool – in fact terrifying for a kid.

For those of you who may not know, I grew up in Pensacola, Florida – where the beach is less than 30 minutes away and “across town” is a 10 minute drive and that seems like a long commute. I was a company member of the Northwest Florida Ballet where I met one of my BEST friends on the planet – Maggie.


It was our Freshman High school year, and Maggie was coming to spend the night with me for the weekend and go to our high school baseball or football game I think (Can’t recall which season we were in!). My brother was playing and stayed at school to prep for the game. Meanwhile; Mom, Maggie and I went home to relax before the game where we found our front door busted open. So what do you do when you realized somebody BROKE INTO your house? When you are my Mom, you aren’t thinking “somebody could still be in there – we will call the cops first” NOOOOOโ€ฆ while Maggie and I had viewed our share of scary movies and knew NEVER to go looking for the bad guys, we tried to convince my Mom to hide in the car with us. But Mom marched right in while on her cell phone calling the police. Thankfully the mass murderer Maggie and I just knew would be waiting in the house had left with what he came for. It was weird – only random items missing like video games and an Xbox {like the first one ever – this was a while ago ๐Ÿ™‚ } Nothing makes you realize you have a false since of security with locked doors as a break in will!

Needless to say, soon after that, we had a security system installed and we all began to feel a good bit safer. The Security System is great, when you don’t set it off! Thinking back, this whole ordeal is recalled with a smile and chuckle at how we all reacted to such an event, and it makes me miss being near to friends and family. Military life is so strange, you make some amazing new friends, try your best to keep in touch with your old friends, and cherish every moment you have when spending time with your friends and loved ones. I am so looking forward to our next visit! Life is flying by, and it will be so good to catch up, enjoy the moment and laugh together again!