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Challenged + Changed: A Personal Post

As this year winds down to a sweet celebratory end, I am literally overwhelmed with gratitude with the surprises we’ve had in our business this year. As a business owner and wife in an ever-moving family, I am always so anxious and nervous with each change through the year as this business adventure has been anything but normal. B. Weiss Photography does not follow the business rules. It’s not that we are rule-breakers over here…in fact I would love to be a normal predictable business because I love proven formulas. I am a recipe girl. I would love to have taken proven business methods and plugged and played them over here… but unfortunately operating a business as you relocate temporarily for the 4th time in 4 years is not something formulas account for. From moving across  the continent smack dab in the middle of the busiest months of wedding season to only living in Virginia 6 months, I would say my tendency to worry about how to maintain growth in my business took over at the beginning of this year. Nothing about how this year went down was looking predictable to me.


My little normally-anxious heart is confident this time as we pack our bags in this beginning process for moving to Germany, because I will not forget what the Lord has done in my life this year through my business.

For the year 2014, I knew that April – July would be move-to-Virginia-time and that we were only in Virginia for 6 months or so, so online marketing was not a feasible effective option…nor was any decent marketing strategy for that matter. I was so worried that I would miss out on this year and opportunity to continue to grow this wedding photography business, and I was terrified of this job – that I’ve poured my heart and soul into – fizzling out.

After a significant personal disappointment earlier this year, I realized that everything was happening for a reason. It soon became obvious that my personal let down was ultimately protection from a negative situation, and it pushed me to talk to God about many things on my heart – not the least of which was my worry about how the heck to approach my business this year. I came to a crossroads where I finally accepted that some things were out of my control, and I decided to turn my worry and attempts to figure things out ahead of time into praying for my own personal trust in God’s timing, guidance, and provision. Not long after, some amazing, crazy couples found us and put their trust in me when I promised to be their wedding photographer in whatever state they were getting married in. They bothered to take a chance and fly in this dizzy-strawberry-blonde to photograph their biggest day ever, and I could not have been more humbled and honored to be their photographer. I learned that above anything and everything, the most important gift I can give to my couples is Trust. Funny it seems trust is a big theme for me this year! 😉

On top of all of this, I began to pray about the rest of my free weekends, that God would provide opportunities as He saw fit, and I once again declared trust and asked that God show my heart that He had everything under control…even these small, seemingly insignificant concerns in my life. I kid you not…that very day – after I closed my prayer journal – I had an email requesting a photographer the very next day due to an emergency. While I hate that someone was going through an emergency, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor at the timing of this opportunity…which turned into multiple opportunities. I had the blessing of shooting with the Once Like A Spark team for some fantastic, beautiful and diverse weddings throughout the Fall (can be viewed in the Weddings and Details Galleries) and ended up shooting almost as many weddings this year as my entire last year in Alaska. I never dreamed of shooting this much this year, and I still feel so in shock and just literally humbled by the big way God showed me He’s got things worked out.

So clearly, I would be happy to take credit for a successful memorable and exciting year, but I can’t. Nothing was a plug and play. Nothing was normal. Nothing was predictable. All my thanks and all the glory from anything I have been able to do goes to the Lord. And more than a year with opportunities to do what I love, I am thankful for what I have learned to trust,

 and what God’s taught my heart in the process.

And to my couples, THANK YOU. Thank you so so much for trusting me. I could not be where I am without you. We have made epic memories and I will never forget the trust you placed in B. Weiss Photography to capture your wedding. To my second shooters – Thank you! You had my back and represented B. Weiss Photography well.

To Once Like A Spark – you ladies are awesome and a fun and fantastic crew to work with! I truly appreciate the opportunities to photograph some of Virginia’s lovely couples. To Bryan – thank you for always being there to pray for me when I am down and remind me of what to do when I am doubtful. You are a strong arm to hold as we walk through each adventure together!

As we move across the ocean to another country with another culture and face the new task of converting my US business to a European one, I honestly have so much peace. I hold no answers and have no concrete plan as of now…I just have peace and trust in the Lord to prove faithful once again…and I will be ready…willing to work…and work hard. 🙂 As a reminder that makes me smile I made a magazine featuring some favorite snapshots of the Fab Five B. Weiss Photography couples  from twenty-fourteen!

(If you like it – make your very own mobile Magazine templates with the Moldiv App and create a Flip book of your very own Flipsnack!)

Merry Christmas Y’all!

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Elizabeth Bell Lindsey - December 22, 2014 - 5:30 pm

As always you spoke from your heart and it was beautiful. Have a wonderful
Christmas and a very Blessed New Year!