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Visiting with Friends at the Bateau Bridal Boutique

I love the feeling you get when you are comfortable with somebody right away…when you know you could be great friends. Better yet, I love catching up with those people!  This past week I had the pleasure of photographing two of these lovely people and their beautiful Bridal Boutique in Anchorage. We stumbled across Tara and Beth’s shop this past November when a friend extended an invitation to the open house Welcome Party to the all new Bateau Bridal Boutique. Having no prior personal connection to the owners or shop, Bryan and I were more than impressed to see the gorgeous boutique, gowns, and bridal accessories Tara and Beth brought together in a high-end, elegant way that still gives you an Alaskan feel. I am excited about the unique services they offer Anchorage brides, and love the story of how Beth and Tara began.

Bateau Bridal Boutique B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo007_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo001_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo002_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo004_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo020_Web_photo

A bride herself not too long ago, Tara wanted to find a beautiful gown but struggled with the limited options Anchorage retailers offered.

  B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo086_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo038_Web_photo

One thing led to another, and she and Beth decided to help Alaska brides have better access to beautiful bridal gowns and accessories once and for all. But they didn’t stop there.

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo022_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo024_Web_photo

Realizing the need for brides in Alaska to shop for beautiful designer gowns at an affordable price,  the girls also decided to accept gently used gowns as a consignment to help brides both past and present. Knowing this, I consigned the gorgeous gown from our Winter Wonderland Styled Shoot to Bateau Bridal! Go snag it if you love it! 😉


Bateau Bridal Boutique has just taken off! Not only has this adorable boutique been featured throughout Anchorage as an up and coming top-notch small business, but brides are recognizing how much they love the variety of merchandise available and friendly, custom, and personal  experience they have being welcomed and helped by Tara or Beth who know how important relishing the bridal process is. One of my favorite things about the boutique are the versatile options of Toms shoes! You cannot regret this footwear choice!

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo100_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo095_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo012_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo017_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo102_Web_photo

B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo018_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo027_Web_photo

Did I mention the gorgeous jewelry and veil options? This is not just a wonderful place to buy all things bridal. The accessories are exquisite for so many occasions!

  B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo105_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo104_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo109_Web_photo B-Weiss_Photography_Alaska_Wedding_Photographer_Bateau_Bridal_Boutique_Photo113_Web_photo

I absolutely thrilled when I meet people like Beth and Tara who are driven, passionate and warm, friendly individuals. I really think the future holds big things in store for them, and look forward to watching the Bateau Bridal Boutique continue to serve Alaska Brides well. Be sure to connect and follow Bateau Bridal on your favorite social media platform (Facebook , Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram to get updates on when hot new items arrive or a hot new trunk show coming up! And thanks for the girl time Tara and Beth! I had a lovely time and wish you all the best!

Bonnie Jo Massey Weiss - May 1, 2014 - 9:59 pm

Beautiful! I love the main room with the fireplace but also how it’s all self contained.

Blythe Campbell - May 1, 2014 - 10:46 pm

Fantastic photos of a wonderful shop.

Leah Bocinsky - May 2, 2014 - 12:41 am

What a wonderful boutique!!! I’m definitely going to have to make a stop and do some shopping for October! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Brittany… beautiful photos!

Tara Aubry Gondek - May 2, 2014 - 5:04 am

I can’t stop looking at these! Thank you so much for capturing our boutique so beautifully.

Rochelle Aubry - May 5, 2014 - 5:53 am

What a beautiful photo shoot. The boutique was perfectly captured!