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Anchorage Engagement Session at Beluga Point: Jamie + Scott

“This is the hardest I have ever seen it rain in Alaska,” Bryan remarked as we drove down the highway in Anchorage towards our Engagement Session location. My fingers playing anxiously on my camera and my feet tapping in uncertainty, I called Jamie, whom I had only corresponded with via email up to this point. We discussed the possibilities and forecast. Though it was in fact raining heavily, she and I both had set our eyes on the one small patch of blue sky that we hoped was in fact over Beluga Point – her chosen Session location. We agreed to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Serendipitously enough, we managed to photograph Jamie and her fiancé Scott at what seemed to be the one and only dry spot in Anchorage on that day.

When Jamie had ended the call, she mentioned “We the couple driving with the two crazy dogs…you can’t miss us.” Perhaps this should alarm me as a photographer, but I instantly smiled with excitement knowing we were already kindred spirits as mutual animal lovers.

Meet Gunner…


And Savannah.


Gunner and Savannah are the cutest pair. They were excited to be out for some fun, but they had an important job ahead of them. Jamie made save the date signs just for her pups to hold, which they were so happy to do! Things were all looking easy until Gunner caught sight of the water. Bryan and I laughed so hard as he begged, pleaded and cried to get to the water! And I mean, how cruel were we that we would ask him to sit right in front of the water and not let him go for a swim first? 😉 This was even more hilarious since Savannah took it as her job to fuss at him as if saying, “Pull yourself together Gunner; we got a job to do!” We had some playtime fun and the pups did a great job bringing out Jamie and Scott’s smiles and getting them comfortable in front of the cameras.





The wind on this day was seriously unreal. It was so strong it was making us all cry, which is not ideal for Engagement Sessions if I do say so myself! 🙂 I thought at one moment Jamie was going to blow right off the rock as they held a flag of their home state Colorado! I haven’t laughed so hard during a session in a long time! While the wind created a challenge with making sure Jamie’s hair wasn’t in their faces, the clouds were the absolute coolest making some off camera lighting photos a must!





We also got to see a ton of beluga whales – the most I have ever seen at once – coming right near the rocks.


We had a great time wondering around and enjoying the amazing sunset talking about life.








Jamie and Scott were so fun, laid back and adventurous to try anything, which was awesome! I am so happy for them and excited that they will be celebrating their wedding with family and friends back in Colorado next fall.

Congratulations Jamie and Scott! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of documenting your love story!