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Alyeska Spring Slush Cup – Getting Wet and Wild on Skis

This weekend our amazing neighbor invited us to join her for a Spring Ski day at Alyeska Ski Resort and Hotel. We had a great time at Alyeska enjoying the gorgeous sunny warm weather, and to our surprise we were there at the time of one of their Wild Spring festivities – the Slush Cup.


Each year during Slush Cup, skiers wear all kinds of crazy costumes and a few are chosen to try their skills at skiing down a slope and attempting to glide across a pond of icy water. Awards are given for the biggest wipe out, and the furthest skier across the pond. We were pretty tired from skiing ourselves by the time the Slush Cup started, so jumping into Alaska photography mode I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots of our favorite costumes! They are pretty hilarious!

Bryan’s favorite contestant was definitely the Mattress, and I would have to agree his wipe out was pretty hilarious. I was waiting for the Summo Wrestler to go because I thought he was just ridiculously funny, but I have to say I think my favorite was probably the Mattress like Bryan. It was also funny that the Pink Bug lady had a couple of spills falling on the snow before ever getting close to the pond. You have to appreciate these contestants for knowing how to have a good time and allow us to laugh with them! Though it was really warm (+45 degrees) and I managed to get my first sunburn of the year (Shame on me for not bringing sunscreen …but yay! – Alaska is getting sun back!) I still admire their wit for splashing into this icy slip and slide. 😉

Alyeska is gorgeous anytime of the year, and there is just no getting used to the scenery on the drive back and forth from Anchorage to Girdwood along the Seward Highway. I am so very excited to see this beautiful resort this year in full bloom this Spring and Summer for some of our 2013 Alaska Brides and Grooms I am very excited about! Alyeska is one of Alaska’s beautiful venues for Weddings, and it is always a pleasure for us as Anchorage wedding photographers to drive down and photograph a wedding in Girdwood.

Be sure to check out these photos of the brave contestants and some of their flips, leaps, and splashes. They really did a great job entertaining the crowd. The announcers were not too shabby either! And if you are ever in the neighborhood, be sure to make time to drive and view the Seward Highway. It is a picture in itself! There are also plenty of pull of areas and trails that you can hike along the way!