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Alaska Destination Portrait Session: Rachel + Jason

If you have the chance, I highly recommend the crazy idea of an Alaska Destination Portrait Session. Vacationing from Texas, Rachel contacted me early on to reserve a time for portraits with her hubby Jason. Rachel and Jason celebrated their 10 year Wedding Anniversary with the cruise of a lifetime – Destination: Alaska. However, a few days before our Session, Rachel let me know they may not be making it to Anchorage as their cruise ship was having some technical difficulties keeping the guests in Ketchikan a few extra days. In addition, the dates Rachel and her family would be in town looked to be FULL of heavy rain and clouds – not good for the mountain views they were hoping to have captured in some of their portraits together. Fortunately, Celebrity Cruise Lines righted all wrongs with reimbursement plus a great deal of goodies and Rachel, her parents, and Jason arrived safely to Anchorage. And to top it off, as if the heavens opened up and thwarted every weather forecast, I smiled as I looked up and saw this as I got out  at our Anniversary Session location.

We had a great time meeting Jason, Rachel, and her parents (married 43 years!) who jumped in a few photos but weren’t as excited to be in the spotlight. 🙂 We clicked right away with Rachel and Jason who also traveled to Jackson Hole and enjoyed the big game and wildlife Wyoming and Alaska have roaming around. Rachel and Jason took turns making each other laugh which seemed to me like a perfect balance between the two of them. She made the cutest faces at him and he would quietly  (and randomly) crack her up humming into her ear while being photographed.
















We laughed and talked about their days of traveling ahead, part of which was a flight tour to see Denali that they were worried would be rained/weathered out. We laughed and chatted the entire time and walked away in admiration of how everything seemed to turn out for the best. As we walked to the Farmer’s market on Saturday, I looked up and gasped at the clear gorgeous view of Mt. McKinley. It blessed my heart knowing Rachel, Jason and her parents (this was a dream come true for her Dad) would be able to see the Mountain in all its splendor. Congratulations Rachel and Jason! Here’s to many many more Anniversaries and Adventures! 🙂