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New Found Love in Anchorage Mall


We almost never go to the mall. Really. If we need it, hopefully Costco, Amazon, or Fred Meyer’s has it. But recently a lunch outing with Bryan’s unit had us in town and Bryan thought it would be nice to stroll the mall. I had an idea of where I wanted to stop by, but right then, right there, my itinerary changed.

Let me preface this:

Not only do I really enjoy and appreciate food, Bryan worries I get the crazy eye as I will put 7 dabs of different dips, dressings and or condiments on my plate and alternate them with each bite of my food. What can I say? I like  LOVE variety  and choices in my food.

My eyes lit up as we neared a very classy sophisticated store simply titled “Oil and Vinegar“. Bryan was answering his phone and I knew I had lucked out and would have a few moments to peruse this store that was drawing me in.

This “culinary gift shop” opened in the 5th Avenue Mall in November and is FULL of imported food and cooking products such as dressings, sauces, spreads, seasonings, varieties of tapenade, and more. Your eye goes right to the “Amphora Wall” where they have a dozen or so oils and vinegars in the most unique of flavors “on tap”. An entire round table hosted tasting cups with bread and toothpicks to sample their wide selection of oils and vinegars such as Fig Balsam Creme Vinegar and Bell Pepper Olive Oil. As I asked for permission to whip out my phone to take photos of their gorgeous store and items, the staff elaborated that a great deal of customers who prefer oil and vinegar salad dressings as their healthy dietary choice are loving the endless opportunities and flavors provided in their special selection. The process of purchasing their on tap items is so neat – you buy whatever size and shape bottles you would like there your first time, and then bring it back clean and dry for refilling. What a concept! 🙂

Many of the items at Oil and Vinegar were suggested for multiple uses, which I consider a huge plus because it is multifunctional. Every shelf was stocked with beautifully packaged herbs and food products that could be used in salad dressings, for dipping bread, drizzling on cheese, etc. A bit overwhelmed, multiple employees made sure I knew that if anything I was interested in was NOT out for sampling, they would be happy to open it for sampling so I could be sure to find something I loved! But it seemed like everything was out for sample. My taste buds went crazy as I tried their new Chocolate vinegar and was astounded as a worker described which vinegars complimented which oils. Their Pesto and Bruschetta Mix was to die for, and I was at a loss for what to purchase as a start.
– iPhone Pics –


While I opted not to spend a ton since this was not a shop I had budgeted to purchase from, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK! Their site says “Our #1 priority is to engage our Guests in three key aspects: experience, service and adventure.” I would say they hit the nail on the head with how I felt as a customer! The customer experience is just wonderful, and if you are looking for a way to put a fun twist on everyday foods check this place out! I went ahead and bought their smallest bottles (100ml – shown in photos) of Cherry Almond Vinegar and complimentary Blood Orange Blossom Olive Oil to combine for a scrumptious new salad dressing and or drizzle for appetizers, and cannot wait to enjoy it and plan my next purchase! I am just smitten with this place – high five and V! I’m using my oil and vinegar tonight!! 🙂