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4 Reasons I Need an Elf for Christmas

4 Reasons I Need an Elf for Christmas

4. The Infamous Christmas Cards and Long Distance Mail Timing

Last year we made it, sweat on our brows and all, but dangit we got you Christmas Cards! (if you didn’t get one, see me about being added to our list…or maybe the owners of your previous home are still wondering who we are!) This year hasn’t been so lucky yet, Bryan and I are still trying to see if we can get a photo during daylight hours for a card finally showing off some Alaska snow!….I guess you will know if it was a success soon enough. I may send a “Mayday Mayday!!! Check your email!“;) Christmas Card

3. Dinner? That was my job? Shoot!

I am shamefully guilty of totally forgetting holiday meal planning. Growing up in a large family I always brought a side dish…maybe…and there was always way too much food. Since that responsibility has been in my hands as a married woman, things are always interesting. Two years ago we bought a pre-done turkey and stuffing thing from Costco so we could relax on Thanksgiving before Bryan deployed, only to forget to thaw it out and leave us at Walmart purchasing chicken fingers for Bryan. *shaking head in shame*

And then there is last Christmas, where I allocated most of our grocery budget to the week before Christmas when my parents were in town, leaving us no festive options for Christmas and Bryan wanting McDonalds…when I had literally just thought “Whoย in the world goes to McDonalds on Christmas!?” *facepalm*

2. I just might burn down the house.

With all the lights to plug in to only a few outlets along with the fire in the fireplace, more cooking than usual (I refuse to eat fast food again on Christmas!) , and the candles to create the Christmas atmosphere, Bryan has considered upping our insurances all around!


1. The Anxiety of Choosing Gifts:

It’s true. Unfortunately, I am possibly the most horrible gift selector of all. I want so badly to get people exactly what they need and want – I will often spend grueling amounts of time agonizing about what they could need and love! And worse than that – I have a long-standing family tradition of picking out HORRIBLE gifts for those I think I know best…particularly my mother.

Oh, I HAVE examples:

  • One year I talked my Dad into allocating his entire budget for my Mom on Copper sculptures of The Last Supper and a little praying boy and girl from a suspicious salesmen in a temporary kiosk at the mall. He lost a lot of sleep that Christmas Eve.
  • One year I talked my Dad into getting my Mom VELVET stretchy pajamas that said “Foxy” on the butt from a teen girls’ clothing store. (bow chiki wa wa!) Mom had no issue returning those after a good laugh. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • One year I talked Dad into a puppy for Mom, RIGHT after our beloved childhood dog of 13 years passed away. Don’t worry – I followed this up with a matching, less friendly male friend for the dog still a few years later. (You’d think I would have learned!)
  • And then there is the most recent one – I bought my mother AND mother-in-law CLEANING RAGS for Mother’s Day. Trust me, no matter how you try and explain the excitement you had at the women’s party you bought them at, it is a hard gift to get excited about unless you made it to the party. ๐Ÿ˜‰


So since I haven’t found an elf to help yet, – I am learning each year as I go to plan better, and laugh at the things that at least make good stories. I hope you are finding time to laugh about any Christmas frenzy you often find yourself in! Oh, and I think for once I just might have picked out the right gift for Mom…Status update to come later! ๐Ÿ™‚