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After Dubrovnik, Athens, and Ephesus, Bryan and I were excited for the low key plans we had for our next port of call on our 14-night cruise itinerary: Split, Croatia. Another sunny summer day had us excited to once again see the clay roofs and gorgeous water awaiting us on shore.  B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo001

Our very first goal was to tour the basement under Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient palace built by Roman emperor Diocletian (statue below) in the center of the city of Split, Croatia today. The basement was surprisingly gigantic, and it is crazy to imagine it as the picture illustrates right on the water’s edge.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo024 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo028 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo039 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo056

While exiting the basement, we noticed re-enactors dressed in Roman costume preparing to do their touristy thing. So of course we followed them up to the Peristil Square to watch in amusement. Don’t you like how, with the Roman armor, men gave themselves abs? There is actually no need for a workout plan…just slap this metal 6-pack on and you are good to go. I wonder if they make that for women!? 😉 (This may or may not be an actual depiction of the Roman armor lol!)

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo036 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo034

One of the most eye-catching sights (at least after those metal 6-packs anyways) in the Peristil Square is of course the The Cathedral & Bell Tower of Saint Domnius. The catholic church is just beautiful (no photos of course) and the history within it is also incredible. Below is a crypt and then upstairs inside cathedral there is a room with Biblical relics and the bones of martyrs with their stories.


Bryan and I climbed the bell tower and enjoyed the grand views of the city and coast!

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo032 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo085 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo063 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo084 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo083

After seeing the main sights in the city center, we walked the town and admired the architecture, old walls, and views everywhere.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo062 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo046 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo052 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo089 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo095 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo097

We wound up finishing our day along the water and walked all the way to where some pretty gorgeous yachts were docked.

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo098 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo102 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo106 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo107 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo108

As it turned out, it was yacht week. I am glad we headed that way because while Bryan admired the fancy boats (and yes he could not believe I did not take one photo of the yachts themselves lolol!) , I turned around to realize the view of the city was getting better and better. 🙂

B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo111 B-Weiss-Photography_Adriatic_Cruise_Norwegian_Cruise_Jade_Croatia_SPLIT_2015_photo112

It was a wonderful way to finish the first half of our cruise before heading back to Venice to pick up some really special people to join us for the rest! Stay tuned for a day in Venice – on the blog next!

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